Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited (formerly Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company Limited) launched its pan-India operations in July, 2008 following a multi-channel distribution strategy with a vision to help people plan their life better. The fulfilment of this vision is based upon having a complete product suite, providing customised advice and enhancing the overall customer experience. Aegon, an international provider of life insurance, pensions and asset management and Bennett, Coleman & Company, India’s leading media conglomerate, have come together to launch Aegon Life Insurance. This joint venture adopts a local approach with the power of global expertise to launch products that are focused on providing customers with the means to meeting their long-term financial goals. The company is headquartered in Mumbai having 83 branches across 46 cities. The company has around 6000 life insurance agents serving over 4 lakh customers across India.


Innovation is our core value ingrained in the DNA of every personnel working with us. We encourage a strong work culture while nurturing innovation and aiming to do things differently for benefiting our customers. Our innovative life insurance products are designed to make a difference in the industry, fulfilling customers’ requirements at the best.


We are the pioneers in providing tailored and quality products and believe in delivering the highest benchmarks of excellence and quality. Our life insurance plans are designed by financial experts who come with a rich expertise in this domain.


At Aegon Life, we have pledged to maintain integrity in our products and services. Our life insurance products are designed keeping in mind the best interests of our customers, thereby helping them make the right decisions to financially secure their future.


Customer loyalty is of paramount importance to us. We treat each customer with respect; and after a thorough understanding of his expectations and requirements, we provide them with the respective life insurance products that best suit them.


We believe in maintaining a strong sense of transparency in our work, by providing precise and clear information, and strongly champion the critical value of simplicity through our products.

Aegon Life iSpouse Insurance Plan

Is it possible to get one Life Cover that protects the financial security of both the husband and the wife in the absence of the other? Yes it is with Aegon Life iSpouse Insurance Plan. A Life Cover for the ‘we’ who work together for the family!

Aegon Life iCancer Insurance Plan

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide affecting most developing countries is a big way. The least we could do is stay prepared Aegon Life iCancer Insurance Plan. A plan that covers all stages and all types of cancer and gives a benefit of 150% of the Sum Assured. Get your answer to cancer today!

Aegon Life iIncome Insurance Plan

Is it possible to get an extra life? Well, we can’t replace you but Aegon Life iIncome Insurance Plan can replace your income for your family after you!

Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan

As a caring parent you would always want to secure your child's future, no matter what. Presenting Aegon Life iMaximise Insurance Plan which ensures your dreams for your child are met even in your absence.

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