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Four Reasons Why Your Salary Needs Insurance Too

Caring for our loved ones is a thought always lurking at the back of our minds no matter what situation we are in. Having financial stability greatly alleviates the apprehensions to a great extent, giving us that much-needed mental assurance that, no matter what, our families will always be taken care of. Managing our needs with regards to the income received has always been the norm in most families. However, circumstances may not always be favorable.

While your salaries can take care of the financial needs of the family, there could come a time where your family would have to survive without you. In times such as these, having a backup to ensure financial security is very vital. Having a life insurance policy or getting your income insured, where your family continues to receive an income even in your absence, gives your family a reassurance where finance is concerned.

Mentioned below are some vital reasons why you must insure your salary as well:

  1. Provide for basic necessities: In families where you are the sole earner, it is best to have income insurance in order to continue providing for your family’s needs even in your absence. This allows your family to have everything they require without having to sacrifice anything they may require.
  2. Children’s education: Having your income insured to provide for your children’s educations allows you to live your life stress-free in the knowledge that you have nothing to fear even in difficult times.
  3. A help to your spouse: Old age often takes a toll on you, worsening your condition on losing a loved one. For those who leave behind a spouse in his or her old age, the income insurance amount is the only thing they can depend on to survive at such a frail age.
  4. Ailing parents: Leaving behind ailing parents without anyone to depend on for financial security can be a dreadful thing for those who unconditionally love their family. In such a circumstance, being certain by insuring your income for their benefit is surely a prudent decision to make.

Getting your income insured, therefore, allows you to rest assured about your family’s financial stability even with you not around to provide for them.

Leave Behind Help For Loved Ones In Case Of A Setback!

Life is filled with uncertainties, which is why the foremost thought that might plague your mind would be to make necessary arrangements in order to safeguard your family and plan for their secure future. If you are the sole breadwinner of the family, then it befits you to take charge and proactively protect your family against all odds, preparing for any unforeseen upheavals.

Life insurance is one of the finest ways to ensure financial security to your family for any unexpected eventuality. Undertaking this essential step will not only help your family during times of distress but also help ease their financial burden. For this very reason, Aegon Life has come up with a novel idea which insures and replaces your salary up to the age of 60 with 5 percent annual income benefit.

What is i-Income and how will it help me?

i-Income, an initiative by Aegon Life, is an income protection plan that safeguards your family during situations if you are unable to work due to illness, injury or an untimely demise. This plan replaces a portion of your income and pays out to you or your family until you can begin working again, your retirement period or the end of your policy term.

Features of i-Income

The benefits of this particular plan are stated below:

Helps replace your income: i-Income replaces the income earned by the Life Assured in case of an untimely demise. This income is paid out to the family members until the age of 60 or a period of sixty months, as per the agreement.

You shall receive a lump-sum benefit: Opting for this scheme means the nominee will be paid a lump-sum benefit of 12 times your monthly income in case of the policy holder’s untimely demise. Also, the monthly income benefit increases by about 5%, as per the scheme.

Benefits in case of a disability: This is one of the most important clauses of this scheme wherein you can receive disability benefits for a period of 60 months or the date of maturity. Also, in case if the Life Assured suffers from partial or permanent disability due to sickness or an accident or undergoing a critical illness, then the premiums would be waived off.

Nothing is more supreme than your mental peace. Life becomes easier when you ensure financial security of your loved ones. Check out Aegon Life’s i-Income plan, designed to protect your family against all odds.