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Regional Manager
Aegon Relationship Connect

I joined as a Channel Development Manager six years ago and since then have been an integral part of this organization. We have an excellent, transparent and open working environment – encouraged to learn, to experiment and be intrapreneurial in our spirit. It keeps me charged and my team strives to outperform their own records.

Information Technology

In the year 2009 when we decided to go ahead with online insurance we were the first ones in the space and naturally faced quite a few challenges, resistance. But then we did it… online insurance became “the breakthrough idea” and was picked up across the sector whole heartedly. And while it was a pioneer concept, that is not all. As a company, we constantly think ahead, think about innovative solutions that will give our customers a good experience – which makes me feel challenged & engaged every day and I have been here for more than 8 years now!

Senior Relationship Manager
Aegon Relationship Connect

What I love about my organization is the work culture – just the right amount of friendly and professional. You can share your views & voice your concerns without hesitation; your work does not go unnoticed - there is sincere appreciation when you go the extra mile. It is a special place for me, since I have achieved some of my cherished dreams here - like buying my own car from my own incentives! And most of all, I am proud to be associated with the company for living its values.

Area Manager
Aegon Relationship Connect

It’s been seven years that I have been associated with Aegon Life… having started as a Business Development Manager and growing with the organization. What has kept me motivated is the culture of openness, the encouragement to think & the passion to outperform. 

eCommerce, Corporate Office

We are pioneers in Online business and I glad that I am part of the Online Sales Team!! Aegon Life has a great environment to work in, and a contemporary approach which is also in sync with the future of this country that is now all set to go digital. It is awesome to be a part of this forward looking organization. Learning is a continuous part of being in Aegon Life; my biggest learning has been to be proactive & empower your team.

Senior Manager
Actuarial, Corporate Office

Working here, has been nothing short of a thrilling ride. I was drafted in at Aegon Life in 2008 to manage Actuarial modelling and since then there has been no looking back! I have been given many opportunities to explore and prove myself in other areas pertaining to the business. It’s fun and gratifying as each day draws to an exciting closure with immense promise for tomorrow! 

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