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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Seven mantras for an engaged workforce: Saba Adil

It makes business sense: engagement and performance are positively correlated

 Simply put, engagement goes beyond satisfaction and is a condition when one successfully establishes an emotional connect with the organisation.

It is a situation where the employee goes over and above than what is required to deliver on the organisation’s objectives.

Many studies have shown that greater the state of engagement, happier the employees and customers. This results in better performance and financial success for the organisation. There is, hence, a positive correlation between engagement and performance. Some of the ways to create an engaged workforce are as follows:

Communication Opening up channels for communication always helps in understanding the pulse of the employees. Many a times, due to lack of communication employees feel lost. This affects their performance and delivery.

Instilling Pride Employees who feel proud of the work they do, are far likely to be motivated and engaged to give their best. Managers should create an environment where people feel valued for their contributions.

Seeking their views In an era in which knowledge workers and employees stress on collaboration it is important to involve employees in the decision making and ideating process.

Timely recognition Timely appreciation for a job well done goes a long way in building a motivated workforce.

Companies should build platforms that provide visibility to employees so that they can be appreciated by their superiors and gain peer appreciation.

Opportunities for growth Managers should engage in regular dialogues with their employees on performance, competence, and skills that will be required in the future. Hence, job rotations, learning programmes, mentoring, coaching — all go a long way in individual development.

Confidence in leaders Engagement is a lot about trust, and trust in leadership is important. Leaders are closely observed by all; hence, it is important that they stand by their values all the time, with no exceptions, irrespective of the situation.

Work environment Clear expectation setting and an environment that enables one to reach and attain their true potential goes a long way in creating an engaged workforce.

The writer is Head-Talent, Aegon Religare Life Insurance

(This article was published on July 15, 2014) 


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