Our three-step claims process is designed with a clear objective to settle all valid claims with minimal trouble to our customers and in the least possible time.

Foresee the future and prepare your loved ones today.

Your first prudent decision to secure your life and that of your loved ones was of buying a Life Insurance Policy from ALIC. Now, ensure that your virtuous decision serves your ultimate purpose. Please keep the following in mind at all times:

  • Ensure your beneficiary/beneficiaries are updated in our records. This would ensure prompt claim settlement in the unfortunate event of death of the Life Assured.
  • Pay premiums regularly. This would ensure that your Policy is in force. A lapsed policy means no death benefits are payable to the nominee.
  • Keep a record of all your insurance policies and make a file of it. Maintain a record of the Advisor/Branch with their addresses and contact details. Ideally share this information with your loved ones.
  • Educate the loved ones on the process to lodge a claim. It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to inform us about the claim.
  • Inform your beneficiary or immediate family members about the policy you have taken.
  • Verify that the data on the policy certificate is correct. In case of any discrepancies, please contact us immediately.
  • Keep your policy pack safely. Note your policy number and quote it in every communication to the company.
  • Remember that NO agent is authorised to admit any liabilities on behalf of the company, or to alter the list of the documents or any claims requirements called for the Company.
  • No charges are payable to anyone for lodging or settlement of a claim.




How will I be paid my claim amount on maturity?

ALI will send information regarding the maturity of the policy in advance, along with the forms to be filled. If the required documents are sent duly completed and signed, along with original Policy Document the payment is sent by post or can even be directly credited to you specified bank account.

What will I receive on maturity of my policy?

Maturity benefit is specified in the terms and conditions of particular policy type and the same is payable at the end of the tem on the Maturity date of the policy if the Life Assured survives the policy term. Benefit will be different for different products/plans.

What if the policy is in the lapse status?

If the Policy is lapsed as on the date of death of the life assured no death benefit is payable if the policy is under lapse status in case of Term policies. For death benefit with respect to Unit-Linked policies, please refer to the policy conditions stated at the back of your policy document.

In case of any claim dispute where can my case be represented?

The claimant has to first approach the Customer Care department of the company in case of a claim dispute. In the event of response being dissatisfactory for the claimant, the policyholder/claimant may write to the Grievance Redressal Cell of the IRDA, which will then take up the matter with the concerned company.

If the complainant is looking for a judicial decision in respect of claims, he or she may approach the Insurance Ombudsman. For more information on the Insurance Ombudsman, please refer to your policy document.

Where can I check claims status?

To check claim status, you can call us on our toll free customer service helpline or write to our customer care department. You can also visit any of our branches nearest to you.

Are terrorist attacks covered by our policies?

Please note that all Death Benefit Claims under Base Plan caused on account of Terrorist Attacks are covered by our policies. However, ADDD rider excludes war, terrorism, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war etc. and hence benefit under ADDD will not be payable if the insured event is a result of terrorist attacks.

The above condition is specified under the Terms and Condition of ADDD rider.

As a policy holder, what should I do to ensure that my claim, whenever it arises in future, does not get rejected?

In the claims findings, if it is established that there had been a material suppression of acts pertaining to the proposal information, which would have impacted the assessment of risk, if disclosed at the proposal stage, then it may lead to repudiation of the claim. If documents submitted at the Proposal/Claims stage are not genuine, it would also lead to claim repudiation.

When and Why Claim Repudiation/Rejection happens?

It is very important to read through the Proposal form and submit factual details at the proposal stage and provide genuine documents at the time of buying a policy. In order that your claim does not get rejected, please ensure the following:

A.   At the time of buying the policy:

  • Ensure that you read and answer all the questions correctly and accurately to the best of your knowledge
  • Ensure that you have disclosed all material facts to the Company. In case of any doubt as to whether a fact is material or not, the fact should always be disclosed
  • Insure that all the documents submitted by you (E.g. age proof, income proof etc.) along with the proposal form are genuine

B.   Upon the receipt of your policy document, please perform the following checks:

  • Go through the copy of your signed proposal form enclosed along with the policy document
  • Review and ensure that all the questions have been answered correctly and accurately to your best of knowledge
  • In case you come across any discrepancy, please contact us immediately
Once all the requirements are submitted, how much time does the Company take to settle the Claim?

At AEGON Life Insurance, we endeavour to settle the Claim wihin 7 working days after all the records, documents and necessary forms are submitted by the Claimant and documentation is completed, subject to all other terms and conditions being met.

In case, the Claim warrants further verification, the time taken to decide upon a claim would be slightly extended. Subsequently, when the decision is taken, it is communicated to the Claimant by a letter

What are the IRDA Guidelines pertaining to the Claim processing?

As per the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India), the Insurance Company is required to settle a claim within 30 days of receipt of all requirements.

However, if the claim warrants further verification, the Company should complete its procedures within 6 months from receipt of written intimation of the claim. If the Company settles the claim beyond 6 months period, the interest is payable by the Company on the claim amount. The interest is payable only where the Claimant has submitted all the requirements. Further, rate and period of the interest are decided as per the IRDA guidelines.

How will I know the status of my Claim?

You can know the status the Claim by calling our Customer Helpline at the Toll Free 1800 209 9090 or writing to us at

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ section on this weblink. In case of any further queries drop an email at or visit Claim Enquirypage for prompt query resolution.

What points should you keep in mind to ensure a hassle-free claim experience?

All you need to do is be honest and accurate and make full disclosure of relevant facts at the time of buying the policy. You need to ensure a few critical things like:

  • Fill the proposal form yourself and vet the information for accuracy and correctness in case of spelling of your name, date of birth, contact details, policy details.
  • Disclose all facts with regard to your health and be truthful about your tobacco and alcohol consumption. An affirmative declaration does not mean that your policy will be rejected.
  • Double-check details with regard to your nominee. Ensure that your nominee knows the details of your policy such as sum assured, policy term etc. Also keep your policy bond in a safe place and ensure that your nominee knows where the original policy bond is stored.
  • Pay your premiums regularly so that the policy is in force.
What do you need to do at the time of buying the policy, to ensure a positive claim experience?

In order to ensure that the claim does not get rejected, one needs to ensure, at the time of buying the policy, to provide with correct, accurate and complete responses, disclose all material facts to the Company and ensure that all the documents, check for accuracy and completeness of the following details in the proposal form:

  • Name, age and contact details
  • Nominee details
  • Income details
  • Insurance details
  • Medical history

If there is any incomplete or inaccurate information in the document, contact us immediately.

What are the most common reasons why claims get rejected?

Most of the claims get rejected due to reasons like:

  • Fraud (which is a deliberate and intentional attempt to cheat by submitting false claims.
    for example, submitting a death claim when the insured person is still alive or vice versa),
  • Non disclosure of existing disease or medical condition at the time of buying the policy,
  • Non disclosure of lifestyle attributes like tobacco and alcohol consumption at the time of buying the policy,
  • Commiting suicide within the first year, Non-payment of premium which means your policy is in lapse status
What is a Death Claim?

When the life assured dies during the Term of the policy i.e. before date of maturity, proceeds under the policy as a claim, is payable to the beneficiary which is called as Death Claim. The person entitled to the proceeds must complete certain forms giving due proof of the death and establishing the claimant us right to such proceeds. When filed with the Company, the company is said to have received a death claim.

How do I intimate a death claim?

Submit duly completed claim forms and other documents at the nearest ALIC Branch Office or to our Head Office. Please click on this link to connect to out CLAIMS PROCESS PAGE for a detailed claim process, claim forms and branch locator.

What documents need to be submitted for a death claim?

Please download the List of Requirements which details the requirements needed to intimate a death claim by clicking on the above link

What documents need to be submitted with Accidental Disability/Dismemberment claims?

Please download the List of Requirements which details the requirements needed to intimate an ADDD claim by clicking on the above link

What documents need to be submitted for claiming benefits under CI rider?

Please download the List of Requirements which details the requirements needed to intimate a CI claim by clicking on the above link

Who is entitled to receive the Death Claim benefit?

The claim monies can be paid to any of the following:

  • Assignee, incase policy has been assigned or
  • Nominee or
  • Legal Heirs, incase of open title case or rival claimant case
  • Appointee, incase the nominee is a minor
What happens if there is no nomination on death of the LA or what happens if both the LA and the Nominee expire in the same event?

Such claim is considered as Open Title claim. In such an eventuality a  Succession Certificate Probate of will  will have to be submitted by the Claimant. A Succession Certificate is issued on application by a competent court on the question of the right to the property of the deceased. The Succession Certificate should specifically provide for disbursement of policy monies. If, however, the deceased has left a will, a probate of the will is required along with the copy of the will.

What if there are two or more nominees, how will the Policy Monies be paid?

The claim will be paid to nominees according to the percentage declared in the proposal. A joint discharge will have to be given. Alternatively, all the nominees can give a joint discharge for payment of claim benefits in favour of one nominee, in which case the claim proceeds would be made in the name of the designated nominee

If the nominee dies during the tenure of the Policy, What is the next step the Life Assured should do?

The Life Assured should nominate another person in Place of the deceased Nominee under section 39 of the Insurance Act.

How long from the date of incident should a claim be intimidated?

All Claims including death claims should be intimated as soon as possible

What do I claim a Maturity Benefit?

To claim a maturity benefit you must submit the following:

  • Original Policy document
  • Claim form
  • Proof of Residence
  • Bank Passbook Copy
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Claim Discharge Voucher


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Aegon Life Insurance (ALI) is committed as a responsible life insurer to pay out all genuine claims, while reserving the right to repudiate fraudulent claims

Aegon Life Insurance is committed as a responsible life insurer to pay out all genuine claims, while reserving the right to repudiate fraudulent claims.

We trust to reinforces our commitment to ensure a speedy claim settlement at a time, when you need it the most!

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