Our three-step claims process is designed with a clear objective to settle all valid claims with minimal trouble to our customers and in the least possible time.

Step 1 - Claim Intimation and Registration

Submit duly completed claim forms and other documents at the nearest Aegon Life Branch Office or at our Head Office. Please click on the below links to see/ download the requirement list, claim forms and to locate our nearest branch office.

List of claim requirements , ALIC branch Locator  and Network Hospital list for cashless health claim

Claims Forms

1) Natural / Accidental Death Claim forms

a) Claimant statement – EnglishClaimant statement – HindiClaimant statement – MarathiClaimant statement – GujaratiClaimant statement – TeluguClaimant statement – TamilClaimant statement – KannadaClaimant statement – OriyaClaimant statement – AssameseClaimant statement – MalayalamClaimant statement – Bengali

b) Certificate of Employer – Death claim

c) Attendant physician statement – Natural death claimAttendant physician statement – Accidental death claim

d) Hospital treatment certificate – Natural death claimHospital treatment certificate – Accidental death claim

2) Accidental Disability / Dismemberment claims forms

a) Application form

b) Hospital treatment certificate / APS

c) Certificate of employer – ADDD claim

3) Critical illness / Women Critical illness claim forms

a) Application form

b) Attendant physician statement

c) Hospital treatment certificate

d) Certificate of employer – CI claim

4) Terminal Illness claim form

a) Application form

b) APS / Specialist certificate

c) Certificate of employer – TI claim

5) Group Claim Intimation form

a) Group Claim Information form

b) Affinity Group claim intimation form

6) Health Reimbursement claim form

a) Health Reimbursement claim form


Step 2 - Payment of Fund Value

Aegon Life Insurance aims at providing immediate support to its customers and their dependents in the unfortunate event of the demise of their loved ones. By virtue of this philosophy, we will payout the fund value accrued under the policy to the beneficiaries as on the date of intimation of death (I.e. upon submission of all the documents mentioned in the requirement list as per the type of claim)

Step 3 - Settlement/ Benefit Payout

Upon receipt of the complete set of documents (as mentioned in the requirement list), we will commence the claims process immediately. In case of any clarifications / further requirements, we will get in touch with you. Upon verification of the documents, if all the documents as per the requirements are received and are found to be in order, we will release the balance/ complete death/ rider benefit amount to you/ beneficiary subject to all other terms and conditions of the contract being fulfilled.

Electronic Claim Settlement

Aegon Life Insurance (ALI) is happy to inform you that all claim settlements to beneficiaries, can now be made through the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) wherein the claim amount is directly credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.

For this purpose, the beneficiary is required to furnish ALI with complete bank details for paying the claim amount through NEFT at the time of filing the claim (unless provided at proposal stage). NEFT will be considered as a default mode of payment unless mentioned otherwise by the beneficiary. A brief description of NEFT, its benefits and related aspects, are described below for your reference.

1. What is NEFT?

It is a nationwide system that facilitates transfer of funds from one account of any bank to another account of any bank. For transfer of funds, the participating banks have to be NEFT enabled. At present around 103 Banks with more than 80,000 branches all over India are participating under the NEFT system. For details, please refer to the RBI website -

2. Advantages of the NEFT system for Policyholders

a) The Policyholder or Claimant receives the credit in his/her bank account irrespective of the location of his bank, subject to participation of the Bank branch at the location.

b) It ensures speedier and secure mode of payment.

c) There is no extra charge to the Policyholders or Claimant.

d) SMS and E-mail alerts are provided when the policy payment is made to the Policyholder or Claimant account through NEFT.

3. Details to be submitted at the stage of Claims to facilitate NEFT

a) Beneficiary’s Name

b) Beneficiary’s Bank Name

c) Beneficiary’s Bank Account Number

d) Account Type

e) IFSC Code

f) E-mail ID of Beneficiary

g) Cancelled Cheque of Beneficiary Bank Account

4. Important information to the Policyholder or Claimant opting for NEFT:

a) Before submitting the account information, you should confirm from your bank that the NEFT facility is available. The Company will not be responsible, if the payment is not credited for any reason whatsoever. In case of failure of credit, the amount will be paid by cheque.

b) In the claim discharge voucher, you should clearly furnish complete bank details.

c) You should also submit either a cancelled blank cheque leaf or the photocopy of the page of the passbook or cheque book where details of the Bank Account are mentioned.

d) Once the claim is accepted, you will be informed of the decision vide a separate letter.

e) If the amount is not credited to your Bank Account within two days of the receipt of the letter, you can contact the nearest ALI branch or write to us at

f) Your Bank Account should be operational at the time of receiving the claim payment.

g) Your name under the policy should match with that of the name in the Bank Account, else it will be rejected.

h) If there is any change in the bank details after submission of the NEFT details, afresh mandate form will have to be submitted by you.

i) In case NEFT is unavailable or in case the NEFT request is rejected by your bank, you will be informed of such rejection. In such cases, the claim amount will be paid through cheque.

We trust that this initiative further reinforces our commitment to ensure a speedy claim settlement at a time, when you need it the most!


Health Insurance Claims

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Aegon Life Insurance (ALI) is committed as a responsible life insurer to pay out all genuine claims, while reserving the right to repudiate fraudulent claims

Aegon Life Insurance is committed as a responsible life insurer to pay out all genuine claims, while reserving the right to repudiate fraudulent claims.

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