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If You Think Tax Planning is Investment Planning, Think Again. It’s Not!

Most people will do anything to minimize their taxes. In fact, the urge to save taxes at such times is so strong that people end up investing in the first tax-saving option, they come across.

15 Golden Rules of Mutual Fund Investing You Must Know

One of the best financial instruments to accumulate wealth are mutual funds.


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Looking for a term plan? Our iTerm calculator will show your coverage requirement.

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Determine how much tax you need to pay in a year with our income tax calculator.

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Facilitating you to calculate your expenses post retirement.

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A tool to compute the guaranteed payout for the iGuarantee plan.


Term Insurance

How to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan?

Jul 04, 2020 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

Family is everything, and their protection is your top priority. A tangible form of assurance that can provide a guarantee of the security of your loved ones in your absence is a term insurance plan.… Read More

Term Insurance

Benefits of a Term Insurance Plan

Jul 03, 2020 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

Click to Know Benefits What is term insurance? Before going into the details of term plan benefits, it is essential to understand what term insurance implies. Term insurance offers life risk protection for a defined timeframe… Read More

Term Insurance

Guaranteed Returns Insurance Plan & its Benefits

May 19, 2020 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

What are Guaranteed Return Insurance Plans? Guaranteed Returns Insurance plans or Traditional insurance plans are insurance plans which not only provides the policy holder with protection, but also returns a certain amount of sum, post… Read More

Term Insurance

How to Buy the Best COVID Insurance Policy in India?

Jul 06, 2020 | Read Time: 4 Minutes

With more than 5.6 lakh cases in India alone, COVID-19 has permeated the country dangerously. Accompanied by the lockdown, dropping economic values and the shortage of income, the situational pressure has intensified. In such critical… Read More

Savings and Tax

Section 10 of the Income Tax Act

Jul 06, 2020 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

Section 10 of the Income Tax Act allows the computation of specific incomes as tax-free. As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, every Indian citizen who earns above a certain threshold of income is liable… Read More

Term Insurance

National Insurance Awareness Day 2020

Jun 26, 2020 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

National Insurance Awareness Day 2020 falls on June 28 and acts as a reminder of the significance of insurance. Insurance products shield your loved ones from the harsh uncertainties of life and help recover losses… Read More

    Life Insurance

    Life After COVID – 19 Pandemic

    Jun 19, 2020 | Read Time: 4 Minutes

    How the World will be After the COVID-19 Pandemic The current pandemic has placed the whole world at a standstill with nations going into lockdown to stall the virus's relentless march. Still, there is no… Read More

      Life Insurance

      What is Claim Settlement Ratio and Why is it Important?

      Jun 05, 2020 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

      Claim Settlement Ratio is defined as the number of claims passed by the insurance company in a certain period of time. Claim settlement ratio is an important factor to consider before choosing an insurance plan.… Read More

      Aegon Toh Tension Gone

      Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

      May 08, 2020 | Read Time: 2 Minutes

      Secure Happy Moments this Mother's Day Mother's day is being celebrated on May 10th this year. Due to the lockdown, festivities may be subdued. But don't let that get your spirits down. Go the distance… Read More