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10 Cancer Facts You Need to Know

Dec 06, 2019 | 7 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team
Cancer Facts: 10 Facts about Cancer You Need to Know

A whopping 25 lakhs people are estimated to be living in India with cancer. Statistics claim that every year, more than 7 lakhs new cancer patients are registered. For a disease that is so widespread and commonly diagnosed, it is important to address the elephant in the room.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that affects the genes in our body’s cells. Abnormality in the genes affects the cells’ functioning. The malfunctioning can either cause the cells to grow and divide or prevent them from dying. When these abnormal cells spread to surrounding tissues and other body parts, it caused cancer. Cancer is a common name used for a group of related diseases that can occur in any part of body.

  • Cancer can be prevented

As per World Health Organisation (WHO), 30%-50% of cancers can be prevented currently by avoiding the risk factors. Detection of cancer in early stages coupled with timely treatment can also help cure the disease. Early detection requires awareness among masses. For every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman dies of it in India. Breaking the taboo surrounding a woman’s biology can help prevent breast cancer occurrences in India.

  • Improper sleep habits can lead to cancer

A disruption in body’s biological clock due to insufficient sleep increases the risk of cancer. At least 6 hours of sleep is required every day for the body to relax and heal from an exhausting day. Depriving your body from this necessity can affect the body’s functioning leading to various diseases and disorders, cancer being one of them.

  • Tobacco is bad

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. WHO states that tobacco consumption leads to approximately 22% of cancer deaths, making it the biggest cause for cancer. Smoking alone results in more than 90% of lung cancer cases. The chemicals used in tobacco manufacturing process are carcinogenic, a clear reason why you should stay away from this life-threatening product.

  • Pollution is equally responsible

Pollution is the cancer affecting Mother Earth. The ill effects of pollution also extend to humans, thus, increasing the risk of cancer. They say, charity begins from home. Avoiding use of harmful chemicals, plastics and implementing waste management strategy can help you live in a cleaner environment.

  • Older people are more prone

Ageing is a prominent risk factor leading to cancer. Approximately 25% of new cancer cases are detected in the age group of 65 to 74. With increasing age, the body’s decreasing immunity creates a conducive environment for some specific types of cancer. Also, the body’s ability to repair cell damages declines too, making it easier for cancer to thrive.

  • Multiple treatment options are available

Always, make it a point to evaluate all treatment options at hand. The four common treatments suggested are surgery, radiotherapy, biologic therapy or chemotherapy. Make sure the patient is strong enough to face the treatment and if the tumour can be fully removed.

  • Obesity increases the risk

Being overweight exposes a person to various health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disorders and even cancer. Increased levels of insulin or oestrogen hormone produced by fat tissues can result in development of some specific types of cancer like breast, colorectal, endometrial, kidney, prostate, etc.

  • Proper nutrition and lifestyle are necessary

Ultimately, everything boils down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and intake of appropriate nutrients. Regular exercise and clean eating can help you stay away from cancer. Avoid and reduce intake of cancer-causing foods like refined sugar, canned foods, processed and cold meats, and hydrogenated oil.

  • Being insured ensures protection

The cost of cancer treatment can be exorbitant and wash off your savings in no time. To tackle such uncertainty, it is best to be prepared by opting for a cancer insurance or a critical illness cover.

Healthy habits can keep your life cancer free. Nutritive and balanced meals, regular physical exercise, sufficient sleep, no consumption of tobacco and alcohol, meditating for a peaceful mind can all help you stay healthy. Since, life is uncertain, make sure you are ready for the unexpected by taking appropriate insurance. To know about Aegon Life’s life insurance products like term insurance and other products, visit our home page.


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