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5 Important Things to Know About Road Safety Week 2018

Jun 29, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

In today’s time, Indian roads are amongst the most challenging paths to travel on. Close to 1,46,133 people lost their lives and 5,00,279 were injured in 2015, according to an official report. The reason, you ask? Lack of awareness about traffic laws, commuter safety, and improper roads. And, these challenges often cause unfortunate accidents and road mishaps.

That’s why, as a part of ‘Road Safety Week’ we give you a lowdown on 5 things you must know and why we organise road safety in India:

1. When is Road Safety Week Organized?

Road Safety Week in India is takes place in January to mark the beginning of the year with the importance of safety. The autonomous body set up by the Government of India, National Safety Council (NSC), engages with the public on aspects like health, environment and safety issues. NSC in collaboration with The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways organise road safety from 11th January to 17th January during the Road Safety Week.

2. How is Road Safety Week Organised in India?

The campaign is initiated by the Ministry who allocates a special budget to each state to organise the activities for Road Safety Week. These activities include special camps held in school by police officers, theme plays on road safety, distribution of pamphlets in public areas to create awareness for responsible driving.

Commuters are asked to use helmets and seat belts to highlight the importance of road safety. Activities like drawing and painting competitions, exhibitions, road rules test, scooter rallies and debates further encourage commuters to use helmets. Remember if you plan to organise road safety week at your workplace, school or campus, these activities can be diverse and innovative to spread the message of road safety.

Last year in 2017, the aim of the government for Road Safety Week was to prevent and control road accidents. Various promotional activities were organised with the aim to reduce over-speeding, drinking and driving, riding without a helmet and seat belts not being used. These activities included usage of posters, banners, and films amongst other methods to highlight road safety.

3. Is There a Theme for Road Safety Week Every Year?

Road Safety Week are generally theme-centric. For example-

2015: Build a Safety Culture for Sustainable Supply Chain
2014: Walk for Road Safety
2013: Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive

4. What is The Ministry Doing this Year?

The Ministry has launched two apps- e-challan and m-Parivahan. These apps aim to provide a comprehensive digital solution for importance in implementation of traffic rules.

e-Challan: Integrated with Vahan and Sarathi applications, this comprehensive app is a digital solution for proper transport implementation and traffic police. This app is a transparent platform which connects all stakeholders through a common system and ensured data integrity. This app is an operational friendly with efficient monitoring through digitisation of records. This digitisation enhances the visibility of offenders and overall better traffic management.

m-Parivahan: This app is designed keeping the needs of the citizens in mind and facilitates access to various transport-related services. Through backend access to Transport National Register, this app provides a virtual driving licence and registration certificate. Once you enter the vehicle number of your car into the app, you will get full details of the car and the owner along details of driving license and registration certificate.

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