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Aegon Life Wins Big At the Global Digital Marketing Awards

Feb 22, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Aegon Life bagged the winner’s trophy for the Best Digital Integrated Campaign at the Global Digital Marketing Awards. The awards ceremony, held by the World Digital Marketing Congress, took place at Taj Lands’ End in Mumbai on 13th February 2018.

Aegon Life was rewarded for its campaign titled ‘iDecide’, which ran during the January-February-March (JFM) period. The purpose of the campaign was to:

  • Improve brand consideration for Aegon Life
  • Increase overall sales with a digital-only campaign

The idea behind iDecide campaign was to make people understand that instead of asking friends and family for advice, what’s truly needed is to make an informed decision. Aegon Life decided to use humour as a hook to make people aware of this fact.

Two videos showing the pitfalls of bad advice were shown across Aegon Life’s digital channels. Parellel to this, Aegon Life deployed the iFunnel tool – a cookie segmentation tool that prioritises cookies which are more likely to convert.

To accentuate the campaign’s performance even further, Aegon Life targeted users on a sequential basis. Anybody who watched the video was targeted with high reach and frequency ads.

Those who consumed a part of the video were targeted with more relevant content that increased brand recall on premium content platforms such as InShorts, StoryPick, Daily Hunt and others.

Interested users visited our landing page and generated a quote. To ensure these users became our policyholders, personalized ads with the consumer’s quotes were shown to them, which urged them to purchase.

Aegon Life took a step further and made use of machine learning to maximise the campaign performance. It analysed the best-performing platforms on a micro-bucket level and optimized the campaigns accordingly.

Our Learnings

Thanks to this digital first approach for branding and marketing, Aegon Life established itself in the digital circuit, and targeted relevant users to boost sales. By focusing on the consumer journey, it implemented the learnings of data and analytics to target users more accurately based on intent. With the help of sequential targeting, we improved engagement for users, thus increasing brand recall. Because of this astute and agile content strategy, the campaign had a huge impact on lead generation and product sales during the key period of the year for financial services.

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