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Aegon Life wins the BFSI Digital Innovation Award 2019

Jan 24, 2019 | 1 year ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team


It is a bang on start to another year, here at Aegon Life. Aegon Life Insurance has recently won the ‘BFSI Digital Innovation Award 2019’ under the category of “Enterprise Security” organized by Indian Express. Aegon Life had nominated Identity and Access Management (Avatar) project for this category.

We had orchestrated identity and access management with capabilities of employee on boarding, off boarding, Access Provisioning and Exception Management. The overall project took around 8 months for deployment and testing. The award was given during the ‘BFSI Technology Conclave’ event, Pune (18 – 19 January).

The Start

The need for a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy has become an integral part of any organization today. Strong IAM solutions can enable enterprises to boost employee productivity and bolster overall security procedures. Aegon Life Insurance is spread across various parts of India & has a very strong digital presence as well. Citing this reach, it became important to maintain different application access requirements across diverse platforms & Identity management of employees / contractors across an ever evolving environment. Identity and Access Management solution can be defined as “control of any system that can be used to regulate ‘WHO’ or ‘WHAT’ can use allocated resources within an organization”. In the absence of control, our experience was very slow and overall efficiency of receiving up-to-date information was very less.

The Challenge

Today, Information Technology department faces the increasingly complex challenges of providing customized access to information resources, using contextual information about users and requests, while successfully restricting unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data. In summary, every business faces the following challenges:

  • An increasingly distributed workforce
  • Distributed applications
  • Productive provisioning
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Regulatory compliance

Aegon Life recognizes the need to overcome the above obstacles for a seamless work experience for its employees. Keeping this in mind, Aegon Life chose an Indian product which was quite flexible in Identity and Access Management area and was being used by major organizations in the BFSI sector and banks. The product name is ‘Avatar’ which is a Windows based solution. Integration between different applications are done using API, databases & windows authorization services. The major part of the software is work flow based access provisioning and de-provisioning.

It’s exciting to see the recognition from Bfsi on the team’s achievement in Enterprise Security. As Aegon Life our goal is to create an identity and access management solution that allows our staff, customers and business partners secure access to information and technology resources on demand. While doing so however maintain security controls to prevent unauthorized access or users exceeding their authorization. On both counts the team delivered a full system that will meet the way we see ourselves operating in the future.
 –  Dougie Kennedy, Chief Technology Officer at Aegon Life

The Solution

Automation of onboarding and off boarding of employees and application was the major success achieved through Avatar. Auto provision and ‘Near-to-zero’ Turn Around time of employee joining was biggest benefit. Avatar integration with HRMS solution was the tactical issue which we overcame through combination of API & script approach. We were able to overcome with these challenges through Avatar and it is now successfully running.

The Process

Pre-deployment scenario – Employee onboarding for User ID creation, Asset allocation, identity creation etc. were happening manually. The turnaround time between HR, IT, Asset Team, Infrastructure team was quite high. There were cases where employees’ joining date and services assigned date had huge gap resulting in impact on employee’s productivity. While performing manual data checks, these were leaving us with lot of Information Security risks.

Post-deployment scenario – Employee onboarding is now automated through Avatar tool. Access provisioning is happening through Avatar. These have increased productivity of an employee by providing necessary access of services on time; while access provisioning is happening through a tool based approach. Considering automated work, chances of error have reduced to almost zero.

The Conclusion

Managing identities between different applications is a known pain for every organization & Implementation of Identity and Access Management project is a far-fetched dream. Integrating applications, exception management, automating onboarding and off boarding is basic but very complicated issue. By designing automated way of onboarding / off boarding & provisioning with tool based approach used with Avatar, is a significant success that we have achieved in the last 8 months and hope to continue this in the future as well.


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