All You Need To Know About Life Insurance And Genetic Disorders

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Insurance companies cover claims made for genetic disorders: IRDAI

Genetic disorders and insurance have a lot of myths attached to them. One of them being, you cannot get insurance if you have a genetic disorder. Well, you can! Yes, there are conditions attached to it, but it is not impossible to get a life insurance policy. And with the recent ruling by the Delhi High Court regarding this matter, the process has become easier.

What Are Genetic Disorders?

Genetic disorders are conditions caused by an abnormality in the genetic material present in our cells. There are three types for these:

  • Single Gene Disorders

These disorders are caused by a defect in one gene. It often occurs with simple and predictable patterns, making it easier to detect.

  • Chromosome Disorders

These disorders are a result of changes in the number or structure of chromosomes in the cells.

  • Multi-Factorial Disorders (Complex Diseases)

These disorders are caused because of changes in multiple genes. They often have a complex interaction with your environment and lifestyle factors like diet and cigarette smoke.

Depending on the kind of disorder and its length of time, you have and for how long you have had it, an insurance company can customise a plan for you.

The Case For Genetic Diseases And Insurance Cover

Recently, the Delhi High Court ruled a judgement that addressed the exclusions of genetic disorders in an insurance policy. It said the clause is too wide, ambiguous and discriminatory which violates Article 14 of the Constitution of India (Article 14 – No person will be denied equality before the law within the territory of India based on religion, race, caste, gender or place of birth).

This being a move that will benefit insurance policyholders immensely, IRDAI has sent out instructions to all insurance providers not to reject any claim based of any exclusion related to a genetic disorder. This new directive has put many citizens at ease in dealing with their conditions.

Good News For Policyholders

Although genetic disorders are not listed as one of the exclusions in a new insurance policy, it could depend on the nature of one’s policy.

To understand what your policy covers or if you are considering going in for a new health cover, you may want to check the list of exclusions for better clarity. In addition, it could be possible that a greater premium may be requested from the policyholder if the insurance company’s claim expenditure is higher in case of genetic disorders.

For a better understanding of your policy, reach out to your insurance provider and get visibility on any doubts regarding exclusions.

More Good Cheer

Keeping with the Delhi High Court’s ruling, a trial court further declared, “good health is a justiciable fundamental right according to Article 21 of the Indian Constitution,” further emphasising the government’s recent move to reach out to the entire country on a comprehensive health cover for all. Given the Prime Minister’s ambitious project to provide health insurance coverage to everyone, the future looks exciting as health insurance can finally be at the reach of every Indian citizen.

Under the Prime Minister’s scheme, a benefit cover of Rs. 5 lakhs will be available per family per year. This cover has the potential to protect an individual from most secondary and tertiary care procedures.

Since there is no cap on family size or age in this scheme, it will ensure mass inclusion. Pre and post-hospitalisation and travel expenses will also fall under this scheme. While it may take a while for this scheme to be implemented successfully for all, with this project India’s insurance model will undergo a complete and widespread transformation.


Since good health is not just a privilege, but also a justiciable fundamental right, efforts to make every citizen access that right, will further boost India’s progress. To get yourself covered with a comprehensive critical illness term insurance plan such as iTerm Plus Insurance Plan, choose Aegon Life today.



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