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An Open Letter to my Daughter

Dec 08, 2017 | 3 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

An Open Letter to my Daughter

Hi Sunshine!

It is an interesting age that you are growing into… opportunities to disrupt the world around you, technology evolving like never before and the power to explore & experiment. Is the life today any easier, definitely not! We were naïve kids when we were growing up… you, my sweetheart, are already en route to Smartsville! But it is exciting, isn’t it?

I find you exploring as you grow… you wanted to be a fairy princess last weekend and then the same evening you were keen to be a police girl. When Mr. Pilot visited you at school you were convinced you wanted to “drive” planes. I have lost count of all that you aspire to be!

I am grateful to my parents for letting me be what I wanted to and I am confident I will be able to give you the freedom too. Having said that, use your senses fully – do what your heart says but don’t forget to take your brain with you in the process…!

You know, little one, incredible as it may sound I was once a little girl too and your grandparents (my mom & dad), had this “chat about money” with us kids. I did not know it then but that chat helped me immensely when I started managing my own money.

So here goes. I know it is quite impossible for you to believe that I or your dad may not be around sometime… I am hoping it will be after a long time but then! I am not scaring you, little one… but being scared is good sometimes.

Being scared makes you be prepared for times when all-is-not-so-well. And for such a time, we have invested in Life Insurance.

You know, little one, we want you to achieve all that your heart aspires for – be a part of the best universities, have the lifestyle that we have worked so hard for, travel the world and accomplish your ambitions. And we want you to worry about how to take on the world, not scurry from pillar to post to fund your dreams.

I want you to know that we care for you… like our parents cared for us. We have walked the talk of giving you the freedom of choice, in any circumstance.

Insurance is such a taboo word, and in fact when I was writing this letter to you, a colleague peeped through to ask “How I can you talk about such bad omen to your only child!” And I could not resist asking “Will it be a good omen if she doesn’t know that her parents care enough to assure her financial security?”

And that made me publish this as a letter open to read for all… because we need to grow up as parents! It is Children’s Day today and I think we need to redefine “omens”; rethink the way we look at “caring for our kids”.

Love Always,


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