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Are You a Working Woman in Your 30s? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Health Insurance Plan Today

Sep 10, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

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Despite innumerable factors extolling the virtues of getting health coverage, studies show that only 10% of employed women have a health insurance cover.

Working women have always had to look out for themselves. With immense responsibilities and expectations to live up to, professional Indian women are fighting tooth and nail to dismantle the status quo that relegates them to a secondary role in financial planning. Women today have come a long way from being restricted to domestic roles or a select few careers.

Nevertheless, even today, women are compelled to devote half their time to child rearing and other household duties, besides handling professional responsibilities. Naturally, with great responsibility and burden, comes greater health issues. And for working women in their thirties, it becomes doubly important to invest in a comprehensive health cover.

A recent study has noted that women’s health issues are not taken as seriously as men’s – by employers and even by doctors [1]. To overturn this status quo, healthcare insurance is as instrumental as healthcare reforms.

Here are five reasons why women must waste no time getting a health insurance policy.

  1. To tackle issues women, face with age
    Juggling private and professional roles with the same dexterity can be very demanding, especially with age and during a mid-life crisis. A health insurance policy is mandatory for each one of us, but it becomes doubly important for a working woman. Women also invariably face specific health issues that need to be monitored, diagnosed and treated with the utmost care, so that they are able to continue fulfilling the roles and goals they’ve set for yourself. Having a health cover can lower the risks such conditions pose to your life. Breast cancer, for instance, is a rising concern in India. According to Aegon Life’s Breast Cancer Awareness Survey, more than 52 percent of respondents do not engage in any fitness activities to maintain their health.  
  1. To protect yourself from rising healthcare costs
    Working women, single or with a family to support, must understand the significance of setting aside a portion of their salary and investing in a comprehensive insurance plan like Aegon Life’s iTerm Plus which provides life cover till the age of 80 years. It offers benefits of both health insurance and term insurance with its options- life & health, and life & health plus. This sort of a combined cover can shield you from all unforeseen troubles, by providing coverage for up to 36 critical illnesses . The plan ensures that you are covered in just about every scenario possible.
  2. Looking out for your family
    Regardless of whether you are the sole breadwinner in your family or not, there are people dependent on you. Getting a comprehensive health package for your parents and your children can save them from a lifetime of troubles in your absence. Therefore, purchasing a health insurance cover for parents should be your first step after reaching a stable point in your career. In case of the rest of your spouse and children, there are many health insurance plans for family that cover basic medical costs and ensure that financial stability is maintained.
  1. To play an active role in financial planning
    With greater reach and dissemination programmes, more women are becoming aware of the pros and perks of a health insurance scheme. Even in lower income households, women are working to bring in additional income for the family in times of inflation and rising cost of living. As the basic standard of living too is undergoing a sea of change, women contributing to the family’s income naturally assume a decisive role in financial planning and monthly budget allocations.
  1. To reduce dependency on employment benefits or family
    This ties in directly with the former point, because women have been exposed to the gender wage gap for a long time, which makes security for the future a greater priority. Employment benefits do not cover the whole range of medical healthcare, in which you must depend on your family, parents or the joint insurance policy. To plan for tough times, get your own healthcare policy.

Talk to your financial planner or visit Aegon Life’s website for comprehensive steps on how to avail a comprehensive insurance cover for yourself and your family. It will take you through a host of financial planning basics, to identify your needs and wants. Only then will you be able to choose from different health insurance plans available online today.

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