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Are you investing in your child today, for his better tomorrow?

Dec 04, 2019 | 7 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team
Reasons to Invest in Child Plans to Secure Your Child’s Future

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a parent to an infant or a teenager, the stress regarding your child’s future never leaves you. It could be as simple as running after your child and questioning him hundred times whether he ate some food.  How many times have you sacrificed your sleep and staying awake just because your teenage son isn’t yet home from a party? Anxiety takes over your sense, and you start thinking of the worst possible situations. When finally, your child reaches home, you finally breathe a sigh of relief.

It is never easy to raise children. You have to be aware of so many needs and requirements. For every child these needs are different, and they keep changing as your child grows up.  There is one constant need, though, from infancy to youth—and that’s education. Nowadays, young parents start focusing on their child’s education needs right from their child’s birth. Every parent has a certain dream about their child growing up to be a successful person. And, education plays a major role in that. But with the constantly rising prices and inflating rates, even education – a necessity is getting very expensive. To deal with these rising expenses and for safeguarding the future of your child, you need to have a secure child plan. A child plan will help you secure your child’s future expenses throughout his lifetime. Even in your absence you can be rest assured that your child will never have to worry about money.

To be in your child’s memories tomorrow, you must be in their life today. Your toddler is silently looking up to you while you go to work every day and come back home tired after a hard day’s work. A child learns a lot of just observing you. He is always dreaming about becoming like you, and it is your duty to give wings to his dreams and inspire him to become a good human being. When he grows up, he’ll choose his career field and you need to be prepared to support him- financially as well emotionally. Getting admission in good education institutes is very expensive. With that comes the burden of fees for tuition classes and other co-curricular activities. At such a point, little financial aid could do wonders to your burden of financial support. Aegon Life provides you with child plans which helps your children to outshine your dreams.

 Insurance Plan makes provision for your children’s important milestones and ensures that their future remains secured, come what may. You can understand the importance of a child plan through this example- Mr. Shah is a 34-year-old man who works in a private firm, and his wife is a housewife. He has a three-year-old son, Aadish. Mr. Shah’s monthly salary provides well for their family. But he is concerned about the rapid change in the way of life. He understands the problem of inflation and wants the future of his family, especially his son’s to be safe and protected. Hence, he opts for a child plan at a very young age of his child.

So, whenever you wonder if it is that important to go for a child plan, then don’t think twice. But always think twice over your plan and compare it with other companies to see which plan fits your needs the most. While a child education plan can look after your child’s basic necessity- education other plans can help you with many other future needs and requirements. It is never easy to raise children, Aegon Life understands your pain and helps you in formulating the best for your child. Even in your absence, Aegon will be there to protect your child from all sorts of threat. To know about Aegon Life’s life insurance products like term insurance and other products, visit our home page.


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