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You Can Avail A Term Life Insurance Even If You’ve Had A Stroke

Aug 20, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Term Insurance for Stroke

A stroke, quite literally, is a matter of life and death. Most of the people do not start planning timely for a cover until they suffer a critical illness like a stroke. While it gets difficult to opt for a term life insurance after suffering from a stroke, it is not entirely out of reach either. Insurance companies tend to be stringent about applications for term insurance with critical illness. However, this does not mean that you stop applying at different insurance companies for an affordable premium. However, before starting any process, you need to be aware about the following points in order to choose the most suitable insurance:

Stroke Criteria

There are mainly two types of strokes that an insurer will check in your medical records.

A ‘mini stroke’ or a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is the first type, which is the result of a small, temporary blockage of an artery. This ‘mini stroke’ impairs neurological activity temporarily but does no permanent damage. Still, a TIA could easily be a precursor to a ‘full stroke’. Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or a ‘full stroke’ is the real concern as it leads to permanent damage. A term insurance financier will surely adjust health ratings in this case and the premium might be expensive.

Insurer’s questions

Following are some common questions that any underwriter will ask if you have applied for a term insurance after a stroke:

  • Date of stroke occurrence
  • Age at time of stroke
  • Diagnosed as a mini-stroke (TIA) or full stroke (CVA)?
  • First instance of a stroke? If not, when were the others?
  • Medical tests conducted. (EKG, MRI, CT Scan, Carotid Ultrasound, etc.)
  • Symptoms at the time of stroke?
  • If CVA, then what type?
  • Lingering symptoms? Which ones?
  • Genetic and medical history.
  • Hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease (CVD), or peripheral vascular disease (PVD)?
  • Tobacco usage.

These questions determine how much premium you will have to pay every month. The answer to these questions must be backed with appropriate medical records as well.

When to Apply?

Before applying for a term insurance, you need to gauge the perfect time for application. If you apply too soon, there are chances that your application might get rejected. It is ideal to wait for 6-12 months before applying as it determines your health score. A stroke, unfortunately, has 40% chance of recurring within 5 years. Coverage can be expected sooner in case of a TIA, as compared to a CVA.

Six years after the stroke with no complications or recurrence results in much more affordable premiums, despite the risk. Assuming good health and lifestyle choices in addition to the above criteria after 10 years, will see your health scores cleared. Even so, there is no point in waiting for the above timelines for a term insurance cover as a stroke is a serious concern above all.

Age Matters

Depending on the term insurance plan, the ideal cut-off age for a person to apply for a term insurance with critical illness is 55 or 60.

Other Measures

While there is no prediction for a stroke, certain lifestyle choices play important roles in determining the level of risk involved. These include quitting tobacco, avoiding drinking habits, and doing prescribed exercise. A disciplined diet and regular exercise followed by regular medications can help minimise the risk for stroke. Keeping your blood pressures at an optimal 120/80 will significantly reduce the risk of strokes as well.

If your insurance needs are specific and demand a critical illness cover, term insurance plans are an ideal choice. Aegon Life’s iTerm plan secures you and your family against critical illness and offers you options like monthly or annual premium. The in-built various benefits provide a financial security in case of a critical illness like a stroke.

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