Brace Yourself, No Shave November Is Here

Nov 29, 2017 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Online trends have taken the world by storm. Many of us have been a part of the ALS ice bucket challenge, the mannequin challenge, the dab, the bottle flip, the bad songs and singers becoming internet sensations and so on. No Shave November (Movember) is one such trend that has caught on in recent years. Read on to know what it signifies.

Brace Yourself, No Shave November Is Here

Movember 101

The word Movember was coined by combining two words — “MOustache” and “NoVEMBER”. Movember is a movement dating back to 1999 when a group of young men in Adelaide, Australia, ideated growing a moustache. What started with a group of 80 men soon became a nationwide phenomenon.

The Movember Foundation Charity spawned separately. It is a different entity that emerged separately when 30 men grew a moustache for 30 days to raise awareness about prostate cancer and depression in men.

Another version says that eight children started this movement in 2009 after their father succumbed to colon cancer in Chicago.

Whatever be the origin, the basic intent of Movember is to not shave during the entire month of November and donate whatever you save in the process. The main goal is to raise awareness about men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression. The idea behind No-shave November is to grow and embrace the hair that many cancer patients lose.

Laying down the rules

  • Put down your razor for 30 days
  • Strict dress-code at work? Don’t worry about it! Grooming and trimming are acceptable
  • If you already have a beard, you need to shave it
  • Try to donate the amount you save by not shaving the beard

What happens with the campaign money?

As mentioned, the idea behind Movember is to raise money and awareness for men’s health. The donations to Movember Foundation has helped them fund 1,200 men’s health projects since 2003. The foundation had raised $60 million till 2016. However, remember that you can choose to donate your funds to any cancer research organisation and not just the Movember Foundation.

How can you help?

Say, you visit the barber twice a month and you spend Rs 1,000 to groom yourself. Or, you use a razor that costs Rs 10 per day for you to remain clean-shaven. Whatever the cost may be, you could choose to donate the amount to a cancer organisation.

There are other ways in which you can help as well. You could grow a beard and show your support. You could spread awareness about men’s health.

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Bottom line

It feels great to be associated with a movement. This could be your turn to contribute to spreading awareness about cancer. While doing so, ensure that you are prepared to take care of your family and self as well.

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