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How To Make Sure Your Child Gets School Admission?

Aug 07, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 4 minutes | By iKnowledge Team
Childs Education Plan

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As admission season draws closer groups of panic struck parents trying to navigate the treacherous path of primary school admissions realise one thing: the admission process is not child’s play. Often as parents we are so focused on the end goal of helping our kids secure a spot at the top most schools in the country, we unknowingly force our children to adopt a different persona for admissions tests and interviews, forgetting that teachers and examiners can see right through that. While the slew of school applications and the daunting admissions process the ordeal can seem very stressful from the outset. However, it is important to remember that there are easy steps you can follow to ensure that your child gets into the school of your choice without excessive panic induced cramming.

Start in advance

The most strategic move in ensuring that you and your child are well prepared for the strenuous admissions process is to start well in time in preparing for the exam as well as the interview. Learning doesn’t happen overnight and the more time you give your child with the information they have to know, the stronger their grasp will be on the topics. While the content of entrance exams is not standardised and varies from school to school, there are certain basic things such as the alphabet, numbers, alphabet sounds that children are expected to know for all interviews.

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In fact, if you want your child to be even more prepared you can reach out to places you want to submit your child’s application for admission in school and find out their interview patterns and content. Often talking to parents from your top choice schools also gives you a good idea of what your child should know, as they have already been through the admissions process. Additionally, talking to parents and asking them about what they wish they had done differently while navigating this process helps you avoid trivial mistakes that you could have overlooked. Once you know the material your child is expected to know, rather than focusing on studying for longer periods, try to review similar concepts with your child daily to ensure s/he learns better.

Children's Plans

Additionally, it is important to remember that the planning doesn’t stop there. One of the most critical steps in securing your child’s admission is to make sure your savings and financial plans are in check for the future. Before starting the process of admissions, it might a good idea to sit down with your spouse and/or financial advisor and plan out how you will be paying for your child’s school year, as well as do long term investment planning for education.

Make learning fun

As mentioned earlier, as parents we are often so caught up with the goal of getting our children into good schools, we tend to force information on them and this deters the child’s ability to absorb information and makes them nervous about the interview. Instead, focus on making learning fun for your children, as they are more likely to be receptive of the information if they had a good time understanding it. Boost the learning curve of your child by using real life hoardings, boards, colours numbers and alphabets in newspapers, magazines to make learning more fun and interactive. Also, never forget the power of positive reinforcement, if your child is doing well try and reward them for small achievements, with a visit to the nearby park, extra playtime or anything else they might enjoy. Remember to never take out the stress of the admissions process on your child, especially if they are having trouble grasping a concept or skill. Every child is different and learns at a different speed and manner.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the planning doesn’t stop there. One of the most critical steps in securing your child’s admission is to make sure your saving plans and financial plans are in check for the future.

Before the big day

You have done all the preparation you can and now that the big admissions interview day is finally here, the day before can often be just as important for your child and you. Ensure that you do not pressurise your child with worries about what could happen in the interview or try and cram last minute information into their brains. Instead, take the day off and allow him/her as well as yourself to destress by doing an activity you really like: a visit to the pool, painting, walk to the park. Make sure to pick an outfit for the day with your child and briefly explain to them the timeline of events for the big day, this will help them feel more prepared and confident for the big day.

Lastly, remember that if you are confident about the test and your child’s ability to do well in it, they will be too. Although incredibly gruelling, the admissions process is designed to help you and your child understand what learning environment will suit his/her learning the best.
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