Christmas: the upside of winter!

Dec 25, 2015 | 3 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

A lot of people look forward to Christmas, as a respite from an otherwise cold and gloomy winter season. In times like this, you only want to stay in bed all day, snuggled up in your blanket, instead of dragging yourself to work in the cold winter morning. For some people, this wistful feeling may go away with plate of ragda pattice & a shot of piping hot cutting-chai. However, for many others out there, the winters can be particularly harsh. This onset of winter related gloom and despair is often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (‘SAD’ for short). Although the jury is still out there on the exact cause, many people would agree that this sadness is sometimes attributed to the lack of daylight, and hence lower Vitamin D3 levels. Some other theories state that it’s mostly lower immunity levels.

If that’s the case, then what better way to pep up your winter mod, than celebrating Christmas to its fullest! Go ahead, and deck your home and office with as many colourful lights & decorations as you want. Eat as much rum-soaked Christmas cake, as you want, since it’s important to also keep your blood-sugar levels from dropping. Go out with friends and family; it doesn’t matter whether you’re partying, or singing Christmas carols, as long as you’re active, and keep your blood flowing.

Most of all, a joyous and fun-filled Christmas can be very helpful for cancer patients, as the winter is particularly harsh on them. Since their immunity is lower, they are more susceptible to winter related diseases. It doesn’t matter whether they are at a minor, major or critical stage; they’ll find it particularly hard. Unfortunately many patient’s out there, tend to go into a more severe depression, as they have to spend a lot of their savings on the cancer treatment as well, there by also not being able to celebrate Christmas properly.

A good precaution for this is to get insured against cancer. As it just so happens, Aegon Life has a plan to cover you in case you get ‘the big C’. It’s called the iCancer Insurance Plan. It is extremely helpful precaution if, like the other 10 Lakh cases reported annually, you get diagnosed with cancer. The interesting thing about this plan is, that it pays you 150% of the sum assured; 25% at the minor stage, the remaining 75% at the major stage, and an extra 50% at the critical stage. What happens if you get diagnosed at the Major or critical stages? Then you’re given 100% or 150% of the sum assured, respectively.

Don’t let cancer impede upon Christmas, or any other occasions in life. Get an iCancer Insurance. Plan today.

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