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Critical Illness Insurance: How to Deal with Loss of Limbs

Sep 19, 2019 | 10 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team
Limb Loss: How to Deal with Loss of Limbs

What causes of loss of limbs?

Many incidents of rash driving hit & run and driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs are being reported in the newspapers in India every day. Nevertheless, accidents are not the only cause of limb loss. The other common causes are:

  • Severe side effects of diabetes
  • Improper blood circulation to the lower part of the body
  • Birth Defects
  • Serious ailments such as cancer


Amputation of one or both the limbs is advised by doctors if they cannot do anything to restore the parts of the limbs to the upper part of the body. When you are informed about this, you are bound to be shocked and frustrated at the dark future that stares at you. However, your immediate stress would be about the mounting costs that you would have to incur for the amputation and post-amputation-recovery process.

When you have a critical illness insurance policy, you have nothing to worry, at least from the financial front. While the policy cannot restore your limbs, it gives you a sizeable amount of confidence to face your treatment with positivity and fearlessness. When you know that your critical illness cover bears your treatment expenses, it gives you a new high, indeed.

Life after the loss of one/two limbs

Now that the treatment part has been taken care of financially, the recovery phase starts in your life. Here, we want to be honest with you and tell you that coping without your limbs are going to be quite challenging for you, but the good news is that there are many experts to give you the courage and motivation when you feel like giving up on life.

There are three aspects that you might come across when you are trying to cope with your loss of limbs:

  • Becoming more aware of your body and getting frustrated at how your life has turned topsy-turvy because of the amputation
  • Having trouble to speak with people confidently; this includes communicating with your own family members too. You might have problems in maintaining the normalcy in your close relationships
  • Managing pain after the amputation process is quite a daunting task indeed; there may be days when you feel absolutely nothing below your hips, and there may be days when you feel acute pain

What can you do to cope better?

  1. Consult a psychologist right after your amputation, so that there is not enough time left with you to feel frustrated.
  2. You need to understand that it is only the physical part of you that has changed. You are the same intelligent, creative and positive person that you used to be, before your surgery.
  3. Follow rigorous exercise schedules, as directed by your doctor. If you have prosthetics in place, read more about them to familiarize with them and use them comfortably.
  4. Join amputee network forums on social media to understand how other people are coping with their pain.
  5. Never close out on your family members or your loved ones. They were, are and will continue to remain your strong pillars of support in this journey
  6. Understand well about your pain so that you can explain your condition perfectly to your doctor. You need to be well- informed about your condition so that you know what to expect from your body.

There are some losses in our lives that we can never come out of. Loss of our limbs is one such example. However, with a never-say-die attitude, we can cope with this loss in an easier way than we imagined. To know about Aegon Life’s life insurance products like term insurance and other products, visit our home page.


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