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Day before Entrance Test and Medical Test for Insurance

Mar 19, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Day before Entrance Test and Medical Test for Insurance

You could not sleep last night. All you did was toss and turn and grumble. Sleep eluded you just like the Prime Minister’s seat elude a certain scion of a political dynasty. And when you are about to fall asleep, the dreaded alarm goes off. You get off the bed tense and annoyed. And as soon as you get up on your two legs, you see them. Your parents are up and awake, similar expressions on both faces, lines stretched with worry and a sleepless night. It’s a big day for them as well. All their upbringing and hard work on you, today is its litmus test.

You can’t look at them and yet you do. God! Why do parents become Alok Nath and Reema Lagoo on such days, you are forced to feel guilty even if you think today won’t go well. The bathroom mirror is no different, it cannot hide the looming event that is but a few hours away. As you step out of the bathroom and dress up, you realise today you can’t eat. For you may puke with all the worry and plus you aren’t supposed to. Curd for good luck? No way.

Today is an examination day. For a few hours today, students across the nation will sit down and write answers to tricky questions about the human anatomy and biology. If they pass, they go on to study medicine and realise their dreams of being a doctor, fail, then they may have to study dentistry—the misery!

Only exams have the power to create such terrors. And their potency is such that once these students enter their careers, the dread does not leave them. Even a remote hint of an examination will make them sweat the day before.

Take for instance a regular and routine medical test that’s required for a term life insurance policy such as iTerm Plus. Many will equate it to the medical entrance exam they took all those years ago, and that is because, insurance companies ask for stringent medical check-up before releasing the policy. This is because, like your exams, once you have answers for all your questions, you have peace of mind.

The Day Before the Exam

Tension will fill the air for tomorrow is so near. All revision done is replaced with did I drink too much last weekend? The results depend on it. Nobody wants a poor score or a high premium just because of poor revision or too much fun on that night out.

Superstition Galore

Be it a medical test or a medical entrance test, the Gods are the ones who will face the heat. From prayers and requests for an easy paper to pleas for a healthy cholesterol number and low blood sugar count, on this day, gods are really tested for their skill. And if they fail, they will have to hear the end of students and adults alike!

Who’s the Invigilator

The hopes for a kind and beautiful invigilator is what everyone hopes for. And on most occasions, hope betrays. Same goes for the medical test, pleas such as ‘don’t list me as obese’ or ‘I am a social drinker’ will not work, the doctor is here to do a job. Staying hard for the test and staying fit for the test too—that’s the key to success.

Out of Syllabus or Why This Question

What everyone feared and still do. One question that didn’t make sense and the first thought ‘Yeh Kya Hai?’ which then translates to ‘Out of syllabus hai’. This moment conjured both fear and joy. Fear for if it was a regular question, then there is a good chance of losing marks, joy for if it is out of syllabus, you are assured of marks. The medical test version is something you might have done but don’t wish to admit to—Do you smoke? ‘Yeh kaisa sawaal hai!’ ‘Ask about how good my eyesight is…’

Let’s face it, examinations will leave us. They have this amazing capacity to return and make our lives miserable. The only way to beat this fiend is well what everyone says, ‘Study and Stay Fit.’

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