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How to Deal With A Heart Attack?

Sep 03, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

How to Deal With A Heart Attack?

Learning there is something wrong with your heart can be distressing, and the reaction to this news can differ from person to person. People often find they need to recover emotionally from their heart attack as well as physically. There’s no doubt having a cardiac event can be stressful; overcoming it requires physical and mental strength. With upcoming healthcare plans and insurance policies, there is always advice and help available.

Term Insurance with Critical Illness Riders

A decade ago, finding a critical illness and pre-existing illness cover in an insurance plan wasn’t easy. This is why insurance companies have dedicated some plans to cater to this particular need. Considered as a pre-existing condition, a heart attack comes with its own set of financial challenges. It can come unannounced and cause harm. To cover unpleasant surprises in advance, consider comprehensive insurance coverage, such as iTerm Plus from Aegon Life, which covers you for 36 critical illnesses.

Insurance for Senior Citizens

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) has made it mandatory for insurance companies to provide cover for a senior citizen benefitting the common man to a large extent.

Old age brings with it, its own set of health issues, but being covered can help reduce its financial impact. In fact, many health insurance providers offer a policy providing insurance for senior citizens along with critical illness riders, which allows you to combine multiple covers under one policy.

A medical assessment may be asked before the policy is sold. Checking all facts before you purchase a health insurance policy can go a long way.

Life and Income Protection

People with pre-existing heart conditions can also avail of life and income protection. However, it may have special conditions or clauses depending on the nature of the condition and its premium could be higher, but its importance in covering any future incidents cannot be stressed enough. If you are considering a policy with an existing heart condition, you may want to share factors such as family history, severity of the heart condition, its level of management etc., with your insurer. Speak to your insurance provider to determine factors that can affect your premiums and policy.

Benefits and Financial Support

Despite being covered for a heart condition, it could hinder regular income. To meet this challenge, some insurance policies offer riders. For instance, if you hold a policy with critical riders, on being hospitalised, you may get a lump sum from the policy. This money can help compensate any loss you may incur under medical care.

For example:

  • Trauma cover
  • Income protection
  • Disability protection

Most cardiac events can result in increased out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, specialised doctors may be called to review and treat it. Further, diagnostic tests also add to medical costs. Having a suitable health insurance can help in meeting specialised medication costs and expensive diagnostic examinations.

Consider Indemnity Plans

With an indemnity plan, you can decide your own health care. You have complete freedom to visit any doctor or hospital you wish. Through this plan, your insurer pays a portion of the total costs incurred. These plans are also referred to as ‘fee-for-service’ plans.

Without the need for referral you can visit any doctor or specialist. Your insurer will not require you to have a primary physician, even if you choose to get majority of your health care from a single doctor. Experts recommend indemnity plans to cover critical illnesses. Speak to your insurer to know more about an indemnity plan for you.


Having a critical illness plan can ease your financial stress, leaving you to take care of yourself and get back to good health. Aegon Life offers several term insurance and critical illness plans along with additional covers and benefits. You can take a look at them here. If you already know which plan you want to buy, click here to get a personalised quote.

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