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Take control of Diabetes Type 2 with CrossFit

Jul 09, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

CrossFit for Diabetes

CrossFit is a high intensity fitness program developed by Greg Glassman that incorporates strength and endurance training. The process uses data to measure and track a person’s fitness progress. It focuses on core functional movement, highlighting the best of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, etc. These movements are meant to move the largest loads to the longest distance.

For most people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a common reason to not exercise regularly is the lack of time. Obesity is also commonly noticed among these individuals. New research suggests that this trait can be controlled through high intensity workouts in the CrossFit regime. The resultant amount of loss of weight through CrossFit is similar to that from traditional exercise routines but only takes half the time as compared to the latter. Additionally, the ability to control body sugar levels showcases positive improvement with time benefit. People with Type 2 diabetes could easily accommodate this exercise regimen for 8-20 minutes a day and continue with their daily routine.

A research study by Experimental Psychology suggests that people suffering from Type 2 diabetes can take a 6-week CrossFit course to control their blood sugar levels. This can help reduce the risk of heart diseases as well. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type where the body fails to produce enough insulin to control blood sugar. This makes people more prone to heart diseases over the course of their lives. The most effective way to deal with this lifelong condition is to exercise. Regular exercise makes the body more active to the insulin produced, and thereby helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

As part of the above mentioned research, 13 overweight people with Type 2 diabetes were chosen to undergo the CrossFit for diabetes Type 2 workout program for 6 weeks. Their blood sugar and insulin levels were recorded both before and after the regime, along with their blood chemistry and pressure. This data was then used to test how prone the subjects were towards heart diseases. After the workout regime concluded, the test results before and after were compared and the results were significantly positive towards the fitness regime. There was a lot of improvement noticed for insulin sensitivity, metabolism and a drop in heart disease risk among the people in the test group.

While limited by its small and young test group, and its short duration, the research on CrossFit for diabetes is an eye opener for people with Type 2 diabetes, especially when exercise is such a vital part of their lifestyle. Elderly patients, however, should approach this method cautiously and consult a physician beforehand.

Other measures that help Type 2 diabetics are simple lifestyle changes such as opting for healthy food like vegetables, whole grain, whole fruit, along with lean meats like chicken, fish and low-fat dairy. Avoiding carbs, especially refined carbs, high amount of sugar and flour will surely help. Timely medication and routine blood checks are vital to monitor and check for sugar levels in the body and can help prevent problems before they escalate.

Educating your friends and family about the condition is a must, as they can help you at times when you cannot help yourself. This includes getting you out of depression, which is often heard as a symptom of type 2 diabetics. Additionally, you can buy a term insurance plan that covers critical and terminal illness in its policy. Aegon Life’s iTerm Plus is a comprehensive term plan, which offers different in-built benefits for critical illnesses. Therefore, as an added safety measure, purchase a term insurance plan as a financial back-up. After all, there is no such thing as being too safe.

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