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CA Karan Batra

Founder, Chartered Club

Karan Batra qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the year 2011 with the rare distinction of being awarded All India Rank 22 in CA Exams. He is an expert in the field of Income Tax, GST & Personal Finance and is regularly featured in both TV and Print Media. He tries to simplify the complex nature of taxes and explain it in simple words for the common man to understand.

He is working towards his mission of educating the common man about taxes and making them aware of the legal ways in which a person can save tax.
To educate the common man about these aspects related to finance, he blogs regularly on and creates videos and posts them on his Chartered Club Youtube Channel.

He has also authored 2 comprehensive books on Presumptive Tax and Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Property which are best-sellers in the industry in this category. He is also invited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to conduct sessions as a Visiting Faculty. He has mentored more than 10,000 CA’s and CA Students at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is also invited by various companies to train their employees about Taxation and make them tax aware and tax compliant.

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Tax on Sale of Shares

When a person invests in the stock market of India, he is subject to capital gain tax on the profit earned through trading done in India.

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