Five Essential Non-Toy Gifts for Your Child

Apr 06, 2015 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Children are flighty; you give them a lovely bunch of the choicest of toys, and you’d find them strewn and scattered everywhere in your home. That’s what children are, and we cannot expect them to be organized at a young age.

Values play a crucial role in making a child organized. Values are to be cultivated, not imposed. Your child has to understand them very well in order to adopt them. While some parents stick to the traditional methods of inculcating values and propriety, now-a-days, parents have come to cultivate them through gifts. Here are some extraordinary gifts you could give your child.

  • Membership to Classes
    Hobbies are the best way to cultivate passion in your child’s heart. However, your child will not just pick up a hobby from thin air. Provide him/her with an assorted range of options by enrolling his/her name in classes. Music, dancing, drawing, riding, etc., there are numerous short courses and classes to choose from.
  • Subscribing to a Junior’s Magazine
    A man only learns in two ways: association with smart people and, yes, reading. There is no habit better to encourage your child’s imagination than reading. This habit is best cultivated in childhood. Subscribe to a kid’s magazine, get an access to library, and if you want to pamper him just a bit more, get a kindle reader.
  • Games and Puzzles
    Toys keep children entertained, games and puzzles increase their brain power and concentration. Puzzles help in developing logic and cognitive abilities of children. These not only improve problem-solving skills but also induce curiosity in their minds. Want to see your child’s thinking abilities grow better? Gift him/her a puzzle.
  • Piggy Bank
    A responsible adult understands the value of savings and investments, however the later can happen only when he learns to save as a child. Habit of savings needs to be cultivated at a very young age. For this, gift your child a Piggy bank or open a savings account or child plan in his name, and most importantly, do not indulge your child too much.
  • Craft Supplies
    Fuel creativity in your child’s mind by teaching about crafts. Children love to relate things and come up with their own ideas. Encourage this by gifting a box of craft supplies such as crafting paper, colours, crayons, glue, sparklers, etc. and see your child’s imagination work magic.

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