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Five Tech Gadgets for Health Check

May 09, 2015 | 5 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Since around the turn of this century, the rapid and swift evolution of semiconductor/microchip technology along with artificial intelligence has given many reasons to fuel human imagination. The notion of art has metamorphosed from making murals on plain canvas to 3D models out of nowhere. With such dramatic evolution, gadgets have made their ways into our lives and hearts. Be it a smartphone or a tablet computer, almost every gadget has made our lives easier in many ways. These smart devices have also opened a wealth of possibilities. Naturally, benefits of such evolution extend to our health as well.

There are numerous devices launched in the market that work as great health aids, telling you how to maintain body fitness, exercise smartly, and consume the choicest and nutritious food to promote overall well-being. After scouring through tonnes of gadgets, we have come across these five handy and medically useful gadgets.

1> Smart Scales

Weighing scales have been around for a long time. They never did anything more than showing your weight, and sometimes inaccurately so (which was much to our relief or horror, depending on which way the needle swayed). However, Smart Scales are designed to display additional yet relevant information apart from your weight. They will display body mass index, body composition, ideal weight ratio, and much more, soon as you step on it. What’s more? The entire data can be synced with health apps on mobile or computer using WiFi.

2> Blood Pressure Monitor

Fast-moving lifestyle has surely left most of us with problems such as hypertension. However, for a few unfortunate ones, blood pressure issues are life-threatening concerns. For them, an electronic blood pressure monitoring device is nothing less than a boon. Wrap this device around your upper arm and receive accurate systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure readings within a minute.

3> Smart Watch

There are very few gadgets that are helpful, ergonomic, and wearable at the same time. One such gadget is the smart watch. There are several variants of smart watches available with leading electronic manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Motorola, and Apple. From measuring your footsteps to keeping a track of your exercise routines, pulse rate, etc., this device is the best pick of all.

4> Glucose Monitor

Diabetic patients are tired of needle-stings and blood tests required to assess their sugar levels. For them, Glucose monitor is a certainly godsend; it is used to check blood sugar levels accurately without having to undergo the pain and worry of extracting blood samples using medical assistance.

5> Digital Thermometer

Thermometer is a handy instrument to check the temperature in case you feel feverish. However, mercury thermometers are slender, fragile, and toxic if not handled properly. Digital thermometers are of great help. There is real-time monitoring, and it can measure the temperature more accurately and far more quickly.

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