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Giving To Make A Difference

Oct 09, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” – Ben Carson

From 2nd October to 8th October, India celebrates Daan Utsav, or what was formerly known as the “Joy of Giving” week. This unique festival aims to imbibe the importance of sharing and caring, and most importantly gives precedence to the cause of charity. Immediately as one hears the word “charity” it correlates to donations, money transfers or in all its simplicity, commercial transactions. But in all honesty, the word “charity” means so much more and that’s exactly what Daan Utsav is working towards establishing.

Giving To Make A Difference - Aegon Life

In 2017, the festival had over 6 million participants, who gave back to society in any way they could – this could be money, time, effort or just their skills. It broadens one’s understanding of how they can help each other and progress as a healthy society together. For example, the simple movement of “Pay It Forward” encourages people who have received a good turn to not repay the kindness bestowed on them but to help 3 other people. From blue-collared workers, to teachers, students, corporates, conglomerates in India are taking part in the Daan Utsav in the little ways they can.

This year, took part in the celebrations of giving with a critical focus on wellness. Here’s how the week went –

  • Contribution to Goonj of old clothes, books, stationary and toys for children from marginalized communities
  • Gift a smile with stationary donations to local orphanages
  • Pan India health check-ups organized by Religare for on-roll and off-roll employees
  • Share a meal with colleagues during office time
  • Thank your colleagues and service staff through post-it notes, felicitation for service staff
  • Clearing clutter and paper, reducing physical prints by shifting towards paper free workspaces
  • Wellness camp kiosks organized by Cipla Health
  • Blood donation drives arranged by Umang Foundation in Mumbai

The act of giving provides eternal joy to the giver and the festival wants to inculcate this habit in the long run among the Indian population, and over time across the world! Be it sharing your song list with a friend to introduce them to new genres of music, lending old books to libraries and orphanages or adopting a child’s well being and schooling – every act is noble, and every act counts. The week might be reaching it’s end but the message has been heard loud and clear. In addition to this, give your family a much needed financial security by buying life insurance plans such as a term insurance plan or a child plan today.

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