The Ultimate Guide to Daily Morning Yoga

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Kick start your day in health with these easy and simple yoga exercises. The dangers of an inactive lifestyle can lead to numerous health conditions. Counteract the negative effects of stress and a sedentary lifestyle with these seven yoga asanas!

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7 yoga poses to try

  1. Surya Namaskarasana: Strengthens the body
  2. Anantasana: Stimulates blood circulation
  3. Garudasana: Improves muscular coordination
  4. Galavasana: Improves body balance
  5. Gaja Vadivu: Strengthens the feet
  6. Makarasana: Improves spine condition
  7. Navasana: Strengthens the abdominal muscles

Energise your Mornings Transform your body: yoga helps release endorphins to make you feel good and lower your stress levels..

Greater flexibility and stamina: Get an improved sense of balance with regular yoga practice in the mornings.

Inner strength and improved metabolism: Boost your immune system, fix your body pain, aches, and more with yoga.

Better focus and reduced anxiety: Acquire a better posture, peace of mind and increased lung capacity; critical physical and mental enhancements to seize your day with gusto.

Pull out that mat, take a deep breath, and start your day on a high note. Along with yoga, get the right type of life insurance to boost your health.  Keep calm and yoga on!

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