Know all about the right retirement and annuity plans for you to have a happy second innings of your life.

Life after retirement is meant to be easy and relaxed. But without your salary to back you up, it can turn into a stressful rollercoaster. To have a successful post-retirement life, buy yourself our retirement plan. Also known as pension plans, retirement plans are investment plans that provide you a steady source of income after retirement. They let you allocate a part of your savings to accumulate until you retire, leaving you with a sizeable corpus of funds to use later. Once you retire, our pension plan provides you either a lump sum amount or regular pay outs to help you meet your daily expenses. In the event of your death, the lumpsum amount goes to your nominated beneficiaries.

Understand the risk associated with a startup and chalk out a plan to fund it accordingly.

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From appointing an executor to updating your will regularly, our to-do list will help you know how to draft a will.

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A good blend of different financial products is your safest bet for a robust retirement portfolio.

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Put a price tag to your dreams and save for them. Don’t just depend on your provident fund for retirement.

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Thinking about your future? Here are ways to save on tax and build a big retirement corpus.

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