Get expert advice and tips on tax saving, Learn how to file your taxes with our easy-to-follow guide. Tax planning is a logical analysis of your income and expenditure, which helps you to invest optimally so some money can be saved from taxes. Quite simply, this process enables you to think about your tax payments right at the start of the year, rather than keep it for the eleventh hour. The aim of tax planning is, thus, to manage your money in such a way that you reduce the amount you pay as tax. You can save a lot of money in taxes by simply investing a portion of your total investment portfolio in some securities for which the government has provided tax benefits. The various tax saving options that are included in the different sections of the Income Tax Act include Life insurance plans, PPF, ELSS, NSC, and Fixed Deposit.

Depending on the life insurance policy you opt for, tax benefits are applicable on the premiums and maturity value.

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With the help of our pre-defined roadmap, you can save Rs. 1 lakh and above in a financial year.

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Look at the changes in tax structure in India and how you can benefit from them.

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Learn how simple tweaks in your salary and investments will help reduce tax liability by 36%

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E-filing for the financial year can be completed in nine simple steps.Read more

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Thinking about your future? Here are ways to save on tax and build a big retirement corpus.

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Life Insurance premiums are known to be tax deductible, this is one of the many advantages of these plans. Know if this applies for Single Premiums.

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Tax laws have changed a lot in the recent past and as we move closer to filling our personal taxes, let's find out which plans you should consider for that purpose.

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Find out which insurance plans can give you tax benefits and how.

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