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Happy Doctor’s Day: Honouring the Noble Healers

Jul 01, 2016 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

They are selfless, hardworking and diligent individuals who save lives on a daily basis. The noble profession of a doctor takes some serious dedication and sacrifice. July 1st is observed throughout the country as National Doctor’s day to thank the doctors for their ceaseless services to mankind. Doctor’s day is held on the birth anniversary of the most famous physician of our country, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was a renowned physician, educationalist and freedom fighter who was awarded with Bharat Ratna for his exemplary services to the nation. He is remembered till date for his generous contributions in starting many charitable institutions and hospitals for the upliftment of Indian society.

Doctor’s day is dedicated to all the doctors to thank them for their vital role in each of our lives. The medical profession presents so many challenges that could affect an individual’s life in a drastic way. It is as day to acknowledge the doctors who are committed to serve people with all their might. The large population of India is dependent of the doctors for their health and wellbeing. Over the years, the quality of the treatments and cures, provided by the doctors of the nation have shown remarkable improvements. The Indian doctors have made massive progresses and new discoveries in the field of medicine, which have been acknowledged worldwide. At times, some people also become victims of medical malpractices due to the doctors who are not committed towards their profession. Hence, the occasion of doctor’s day is also a great opportunity to remind the doctors about their responsibility towards their noble and lifesaving profession.

In India, the doctors are revered and considered as a symbol of God due to their ability to save lives. Therefore, the doctors throughout the nation are presented with tokens of love and respect such as greeting cards and bouquets from their patients. Healthcare organizations also arrange special events to felicitate doctors and encourage them to speak about their achievements and contributions. On this day, several awareness campaigns are held to enlighten the common public about the roles and importance of doctors. Free medical check-ups are also organized at public places by several health care organizations to promote quality medical services.

All in all, doctor’s day is an occasion to express gratitude towards doctors for their invaluable services that keep us healthy. It is celebrated to encourage the masses to be appreciative for their long hours of work, their compassion and the efforts they put into practicing medicine.

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