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Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

May 08, 2020 | 4 weeks ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Secure Happy Moments this Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is being celebrated on May 10th this year. Due to the lockdown, festivities may be subdued. But don’t let that get your spirits down. Go the distance (while still at home) by doing creative things to make your Mom feel special today.

It goes without saying that being a mother is one of the most difficult as well as most rewarding jobs in the world. We may not always show it, but we truly are grateful for all the hard work and sacrifices that mothers across the world make for their families. They can and should be celebrated every day, but this Sunday is a special opportunity for you to show your appreciation for your mother.

Time to Become a #ResponsibleBaccha

Celebrate your Mothers unconditional love and continue her legacy of caring and protection with Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan. Get the plan that provides complete protection for your family and critical illness cover for you. Give Mom the best gift ever! 

5 ideas to make Mom feel really special today.

Your mother always has your back. Here are a few kind initiatives you can take to have a great time bonding and unwinding with your mother, and most importantly, showing her that you care:

  1. Map her itinerary
    A mother’s work is seldom complete. Grinding through the day, she doesn’t get to clock out after 9 to 5. She works 365 days of the year, possibly even harder on public holidays. As a gesture of your admiration and love, plan a vacation for her. Some quality time with the family away from the daily hustle of ensuring everyone else is on their schedule will prove to be an excellent relaxer. 
  2. Be her favorite Chef! 
    Your mother is possibly the best MasterChef you know. She knows what your favorite food is, as well as the things you absolutely dislike. How about this Mother’s Day, you prepare a heart-warming meal for her? Internationally, it is customary to present your mother with breakfast in bed.
  3. Movie marathon + popcorn
    Everyone loves the cinema, even your mother. This Mother’s Day, get your family together for a viewing spree, showcasing movies that your mother absolutely adores or featuring the heartthrob actor she has a secret crush on. Spend your Sunday by switching off your phones and connect with your family, lazing on the couch.
  4. Flip through the photo albums.
    Your mother has obviously been around longer than you have which means she has tons of stories to share. Watching you grow before her eyes, she might know things about you that you perhaps do not remember. How does taking a trip down memory lane sound to you? Sit back with your family and have everyone swap embarrassing childhood stories about themselves. Discover how your parents met and expose yourself to ridicule as they share embarrassing stories about your own childhood.
  5. Gift of Independence and Protection
    All your life, your mother will work towards protecting you and making sure you do not have to depend on anyone else in the future. How do you give back to someone who has given you her all? For starters, take the initiative of getting insured. Following this, you could rest easy with the knowledge that your family is looked after and taken care of for the unforeseeable future. Another great financial tool to save for their retirement years is to invest in a term plan

The truth remains; however you may wish to celebrate Mother’s Day with your special lady, she’s going to love every moment of it! Because that’s how mothers are; compassionate, happy and loving.


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