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Know All About the Health Benefits of Fasting for Ramadan

Aug 06, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Health Benefits

For a lot of people, Ramadan is a month that tests tenacity. Fasting throughout the month teaches you to control your cravings. It is a test of not only your body but also your mind. On getting through the month successfully, you feel refreshed, physically and mentally.

Finding health benefits in everything you do is a blessing. But, did you know, if done correctly, fasting can help detoxify your body and boost weight-loss?

Here are a few benefits of fasting you should know about:

1. Fasting Promotes detoxification

There are a lot of additives and preservatives present in processed foods. These additives may turn into toxins and store themselves in fats. The burning of this fat during a fast detoxifies your body especially, livers and kidneys.

2. Fasting Rests Digestive System

Fasting gives your digestive system a rest from breaking down and absorbing food. Digestive organs like stomach and intestines rest in this time. Normal production of digestive enzymes is present but at a reduced rate. The energy that was previously used for digestion is now focused on the elimination of toxins built up in the cells.

3. Fasting Resolves Inflammatory Response

There are some studies which tell us that fasting may be able to promote resolution of inflammatory diseases and infections. Fasting may also boost healing of inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis.

4. Fasting Reduces Blood Sugar

The breakdown of glucose for energy during fasting reduces the production of insulin. This, in turn, gives rest to the pancreas. Hence, one of the many outcomes of fasting is the reduction of blood sugar.

5. Fasting Increases Fat breakdown

Breaking down of glucose is the first response of your body to fasting. When this store of glucose exhausts, ketosis begins. It is the breakdown of fats especially in the kidneys and muscles. Your body needs energy to function normally while you fast which comes from the burning of this stored fat.

6. Fasting Corrects High Blood Pressure

One of the drug-free methods of regulating blood pressure is fasting. In addition, the production of fear-flight hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline also reduce. This helps in keeping the metabolic rate steady and within limits. The result is a reduction in blood pressure.

7. Fasting Boosts Immunity

A balanced diet between fasts can help boost immunity. The breakdown of glucose and fat cells help produce energy and cut toxins. When you break your fast at pre-dawn (also known as ‘suhoor’) with fruits, your body is nourished with essential nutrients.

8. Fasting May Help to Overcome Addictions

Some studies show fasting can help control addictive cravings and substance abuse. Yes, there are many other important regimens involved in resolving addictions. But, fasting can play an assisting role.

Ramadan signifies the start of new beginnings. You think about the past year and pray to the Almighty to forgive all sins and help you lead a better life. It is the time of feasts, festivity and family gatherings in the evenings. Fasting in Ramadan reboots you not only spiritually, but also physically. And, remember, another healthy way to live your life is getting a health insurance. This way you have insured your loved ones from financial overhaul in case of an emergency, so that you can enjoy these festivities uninterrupted.

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