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Health Insurance is a Mandate for everybody

Sep 12, 2016 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team


Health problems are rising at an alarming rate, so are the health care prices. Just as having a vehicle insurance is a must for your safety, health insurance holds equal value. Many people believe that having a health insurance is an expensive affair and it is wiser to save money on your own. This does not hold true. There was a time when health insurance was not required because people led healthy lives. With the increasingly complex lifestyles and the rise of new diseases each day, we are more vulnerable to diseases than ever. This is the reason why health insurance has gained an even more important role today.

Take a look at the various benefits that health insurance policies, in general, cover.

Daily Hospital Cash Allowance

The cost of hospitalisation is taken care of by all the policies such as medical bills, hospitalisation charges, etc. The other expenses such as food, travel, and miscellaneous are also incurred at the time of hospitalisation. These are covered by Daily Hospital Cash Allowance.

Alternative Treatment

These treatments include Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, and Siddha. There are a few health insurance policies that provide coverage for those who undertake these alternative treatments besides the mainstream one, i.e. Allopathy.

Convalescence Benefit

Besides the hospitalisation costs, there are also a few health insurance companies that take care of the recovery expenses of the insured. It is also known as the recuperating benefit and it offers a lump sum amount for an extended stay in the hospital.

Home Treatment

The general perception of health insurance plans is that these only provide coverage for day care procedures or hospitalization. A few policies broaden their coverage sphere for domiciliary treatment which means treatment that is taken at home with the doctor’s consent.

Organ Donor Expenses

In case of a surgery related to transplantation, there is emotional as well as emotional strain on the insured. Apart from the cost of the insured, the organ donor’s expenses are also combined in the hospital bill. The insured can now claim overheads associated with the donor as well.

Attendance Allowance

If an insured below the age of 12 years is hospitalised and is accompanied with an adult, the insurance company provides coverage in the form of a daily cash amount. The parameters can differ as per the product and the insurer.

Critical Illness

Mostly, all types of health insurance policies provide coverage for procedures such as chemotherapy and dialysis. There are also a few policies which offer a larger insured limit for specific illnesses. A few other policies give out a pre-defined amount on diagnosis of these illnesses.

Overall, there should be mandate health insurance for everybody, given the nature of diseases and their sudden diagnosis. It is better to remain alert and prepared than struggle later.

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