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How to Choose Health Insurance with a Pre-Existing Kidney Condition?

Mar 25, 2019 | 1 year ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Know how you can get health insurance to cover any pre-existing ailment.

Are you unsure you can avail a health insurance policy with a pre-existing kidney ailment? Are you worried the insurance company will reject your application?

Let us address your doubts and help you understand how you can successfully avail of a health policy with a pre-existing kidney condition.

Understanding ‘pre-existing condition’

A few years ago, your friend purchased a health policy for her father. At the time of application, when asked about the presence of any pre-existing condition, your friend stated in the negative, since her father was not experiencing any medical condition at the particular time. Moreover, she understood that pre-existing illness meant ‘an ailment prevalent at the time of purchasing the policy. A couple of years later, she claimed expenses for her father’s surgery and hospitalisation towards kidney disease. However, the insurer rejected the claim on the grounds of ‘non-declaration of pre-existing illness’.

How did this happen? Was the insurer denying rightful claim? Did your friend lie at the time of the application?

Strangely, neither party was to blame. The issue lay in misunderstanding what ‘pre-existing’ meant. To clear any doubts, let us understand what pre-existing means to an insurance company.

A pre-existing condition does not only mean a specific ailment, disorder or disease, at the time of purchasing a policy but also includes:

  • Background of ANY/ALL medical history
  • Background of previous hospitalisation
  • Current signs and symptoms
  • Medication for existing medical conditions
  • Sustained accidental injuries
  • Diagnosed medical conditions

Returning to why your friend’s claim was declined – at the time of policy application, your friend’s father had no indication of kidney disease. However, he was under medication for hypertension. Since your friend failed to mention blood pressure under control due to medication and in spite that the two were unrelated, in this case, the insurer declined surgery and hospitalisation claims.

Here are 3 points to consider before you apply for a health policy for a pre-existing kidney disease:

  • Inform the insurer of pre-existing conditions – To get your claims approved, state any pre-existing conditions at the time of buying a policy. This will give you clarity and the choice to decide whether you want to agree or disagree on the policy’s terms and conditions.
  • Do not keep pre-existing ailments hidden at the time of purchase – There are grave consequences to hiding any pre-existing medical ailment. This is because irrespective of the claim made for connected or non-connected future claims, the insurer will be in its complete rights to deny your claim and could cease or end the policy contract for good.
  • Look at various policies – Compare various health policies available and choose the best option available. To know how to get the right health insurance and compare various options available at Aegon Life.

Things to Remember

  • Not all insurers have the same guidelines
  • Not every doctor’s visit counts
  • Waiting periods can be reduced depending on your condition
  • Never hide or lie about your pre-existing condition
  • Insurers only scan for conditions that have had long-term effects on your health
  • Negotiating terms of your policy is possible

Can you get a policy with a pre-existing kidney condition? Yes. You can avail of a health insurance policy with a pre-existing kidney disease. Although premiums maybe higher than usual, it is critical that you purchase one to cover future medical expenses, if any.


Get the best out of your health insurance policy by being transparent and clear with your insurance company. This will ensure peace of mind and smooth settlement processes for all claims. Also, remember buying a health insurance early on can help you save more than add in on your expenses.

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