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Health in the Millennial Age – New Age Illnesses and Cures

Apr 08, 2019 | 10 months ago | Read Time: 4 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Health in new age media - Cover
Ever experienced the shooting pain from your fingertips to your shoulders when you are typing or are you constantly fatigued due to lack of sleep? Then this 5-minute blog read is going to change a few things for you.

The world as we knew back in the 60s or 70s is totally unrecognizable in the context of today. There are new updates on your Android every day, the trends are buzzing owing to the reach of social media and climate is rapidly changing how we function, live and develop. But the most alarming change is the one happening within us. Over the last 40 years, there has been an exponential increase in the development of several new auto-immune diseases and crippling of this generation’s potential due to depression, obesity, and other psychological and sociological impairments.

The change inside can be attributed to factors that surround us. We’ve made a list of the new-age illnesses that have troubled millennials for the past decade or so, and suggested simple hacks to tackle them! Have a look…

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)- This is the tingling, numbing sensation that one experiences in the arm and hands due to the pressure on a median nerve in the wrist. A common phenomenon among those who work primarily on computers or talk excessively on the phone, it can lead to chronic issues like loss of strength in the fingers and slowing down of nerve impulses.

    Solution – Don’t ignore the pain since it’s a legitimate worry of today’s generation. Remember to stretch your hands and fingers every 2 hours. Take effective breaks between work to reduce the stress on the wrist.

  2. Dry Eyes – Caused due to the compulsive viewing on screens such as TV, Laptops, computers or phones which overly exerts the eyes and can reduce the blink rate. This leads to inflammation and in some severe cases can damage the top layer of the eye, disturbing vision. The summer heat and other climatic changes only contribute to this syndrome, fast catching up with teenagers and young children glued to their digital devices.

    Solution – Consumption of Omega 3 Fatty supplements help considerably in this regard. Other changes one can make are reducing screen time, using lubricating eye drops daily and taking timely breaks.

  3. Back Pain – Given the sedentary nature of our jobs and the heavy reliance on technology, good postures have taken a back seat. Millennials are suffering from the ‘tech neck’ or forward head syndrome, which causes pressure and pain to the neck, shoulders, and back leading to damaging effects on the nervous system. Looking down at your phone for too long, or stretching the head forward while looking at your computer screen is where the problem lies.

    Solution – Set the fatigued areas into motion by massaging or exercising them. Rotate the head, stretch out the neck at least 5 times a day. Sitting up straight, using pillows to elevate the screens when at home and adjusting the screens at work to be at eye level reduces the stress on the neck. 

  1. Hyperacidity – Given the grind that millennials have imbibed in their work culture, eating healthy and on time seems outdated fashion. Often one forgets to drink water since most workplaces have air conditions and one doesn’t feel thirsty, naturally. Irregular timings, lack of water in the system and eating food from outside because of working away from home has caused a large population to develop acidity issues that are bound to intensify with neglect. Added to this, there are habitual smokers and drinkers who binge on addictions to curb work stress, only worsening their gut damage.

    Solution – Mostly what mothers have been trying to tell us for years – hydrate yourself, eat on time; set alarms to drink water and eat if you forget. It might seem basic but most doctors are being paid millions to tell their patients exactly this – regularize your lifestyle and start taking care of yourself.

  1. Anxiety – The competition is crazy in today’s work culture, isn’t it? There are so many niche areas to explore and the options available make the experience, extremely overwhelming. The spread of social media leads to a comparison of lives, pushing people deeper into their shells of insecurity. The Y Generation suffers from anxiety more than any epoch known before.

    Solution – Feel overwhelmed? Talk about it. To friends, family and if that is not a supportive environment, reach out to a trusted counselor. Distract yourself from the negative source and concentrate on the present. Anxiety is the fear of the uncertain future – focus on what’s happening now and breathe to 10. Writing about your problems also helps to air them out, presenting you with different perspectives to tackle it.

  1. Tendinitis (Smartphone Thumb) – Due to excessive use of phone technology, the thumb-tapping causes a painful sensation in the areas leading from the thumb to the forearm.

    Solution – Loosen up thumbs every day by doing simple finger stretches. Be mindful to keep away the device before the pain sets in.

  1. Managing Finances – Often due to high costs of health care, many millennials put off regular visits to the doctor thereby delaying the diagnosis of their problems. There is also a general belief that “nothing will happen to me since I’m healthy today” and they do not plan to mitigate health risks in the future. Procrastination over prevention has made this a sickly time for many.

    Solution – Buying Health Insurance or Life Insurance with health riders can help plug this gap effectively. To issue these policies, one needs to be thoroughly checked by a medical professional and it adequately covers them during emergencies in the best way possible.

If you have experienced any of these issues and written them off because it’s been a “bad day”, we hope you’re going to sit up and take note of it now. As it is clear that most of these problems are “lifestyle” based, they can be corrected with a minor, or in some cases, major tweaks to our own living. Health is all about good habits, being mindful of your own body and what it needs and rejects. Listen to your body as it speaks to you through pain and pulls, and when it’s silent and calm– you know all is well.

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