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5 Professions that can Help you Retire by Age 40

Feb 25, 2019 | 1 year ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

When you think about retirement by age forty, who comes to mind? The assumption or even a rule of thumb would be that early retirement will be the preserves of celebrities, highly paid sports stars with multiple endorsement deals, millionaire or billionaire business tycoons and their trust fund babies! But this is a false assumption about the careers of people whose retirement was by the age of forty!

Retirement Age Bar

Source: Medical Tourism Magazine

Highly paid professions can ensure an early retirement. But the key is to have a good retirement plan in place and a saving mindset.

(1)    Orthodontists, Surgeons or Doctors – Medical Profession

(2)    Tech Entrepreneurs or Engineers

(3)    Popular Professional Sports Persons, e.g., Cricketers, NFL players, Billiards, Basketball players

(4)    Merchant Navy

(5)    Airline Pilots [1], [2]

Retirement by the age of forty is the dream of most millennials today. Early retirement planning and a good retirement plan helps with this dream accessible to anyone not just those in high-paying professions. A well-paid profession definitely aids in fulfilling this goal. The above five are by far the most lucrative.

The medical profession in general is a very high median salary class. Orthodontists in particular, in India and abroad are paid very well and don’t have as long an expensive education period like surgeons and doctors. According to Salary Expert, the average annual income of an Orthodontist in India is about 16.8 lakhs. With good retirement planning, a sound financial plan, and saving strategy, an Orthodontist can easily retire by 40.

Savings Graph Chart


Image Source: Retired Athlete Problems, 2015 blog post. 

Engineers are pretty well-paid once they gain a few years’ experience. And if they harness their technical skills and turn technical skills into entrepreneurship in the tech field, then the sky’s the limit. Many unicorn start-ups are headed or founded by former engineers who then sell their stake and enter into early retirement cushioned by millions if not billions.

Adequate life insurance, health insurance and savings plan such as those offered by multiple products from Aegon Life can help make retirement by 40 feasible even for the average engineer.

Sportspersons in general have short yet potentially highly lucrative peak periods. So if you are good at a popular sport which has a professional team then it’s one that paves the way for a short and sweet career followed by a lucrative retirement package with product endorsement and new careers. Keeping the retirement plan front and center is one way a sports star can maximize their value and remuneration [3].

People in the transport sector such as merchant navy officers and airline pilots are also paid very well. While the career in the merchant navy means a significant time at the sea, the profession is highly paid and with proper retirement planning, retirement at forty is a shoo-in!

There are a few professions which are high risk and hence people in them tend to opt for an early retirement. Police personnel, Fire and Rescue personnel, etc. tend to burn out and choose retirement very early. Add to this the fact that their jobs are physically demanding, the standard age of retirement is also quite low. Even in these professions, by having a proper retirement plan in place, one’s retirement can be quite secure and definitely relaxing after such a demanding career.

Retirement by the age of forty is also the dream of those unhappy with their jobs, careers and career paths. By making sure that one’s retirement plan is in place and is secured by adequate life cover, health cover and savings, one can enjoy early retirement by saving early. Financial security is the foundation to hassle-free retirement.

Retirement planning with expert advice and regular monitoring and updating of the retirement plan even in a moderately paid profession can lead to a secure retirement by age forty. If you start saving in your 20s and have a solid retirement plan, then by the time you are 40, you would have been saving for over a decade.

 Aegon Life offers the Insta Pension plan with just 10 years of premium payment terms. A happy retirement at forty is within the grasp of anyone willing to commit to retirement planning.




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