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Here’s What You Should Know about Purchasing Life Insurance after a Heart Attack

Dec 01, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Life insurance is very important for a person who faces cardiovascular problems. Aegon Life insurance provides various plans and options for an insurance after a heart attack depending on various factors. If you faced a heart attack then it is very important to know what to expect before applying for one.

It is human nature for us to learn from our experience. In our daily lives, we come across so many diseases about which you remain unaware until you see your closed ones being afflicted by those diseases. You only start valuing your life after experiencing the threat of it being taken away. Many times, for those who survive a heart attack, the experience is usually eye-opening, to say the least. They realise how much is at stake and hence chase for a life insurance policy. And so, the question remains- can I still get life insurance after a heart attack? The answer is Yes. Albeit it is difficult to get one, it is not impossible.  

A heart attack, along with many other serious health problems, will not instantly eliminate you from being able to buy life insurance. At the same time, it’s important to realise that you will indeed face a higher level of scrutiny, and your options will be more limited than someone who is considered to be in good health. To get yourself covered with a comprehensive health insurance plan, choose Aegon Life today.

 What Factors Do Insurers Consider?

The insurer will ask you a number of questions, and it is important to provide him with all the information he needs. You should not withhold any information with yourself because eventually, the insurer can find through a medical test.

  • Age- If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, age is in your favour. The possibility of receiving life insurance in case one has suffered from a heart attack in 30s is very low.
  • Severity- The number of surgeries you have had matters less than the level of severity of the heart attack. Blockage of one or two vessels makes you more insurable than those who have suffered a severe heart attack that damaged four vessels.
  • Compounding health issues- If you are a heart patient plus a diabetic patient then your chances of life insurance are less and expensive.
  • Medication and follow up care- If your condition requires you to take medicines for the rest of your life, you might be able to get the insurance, but the rates might be higher. Insurers also check your medical records and your doctor’s orders. If your follow-up instructions are straightforward and uninvolved, there is a better likelihood of receiving insurance.


What Can I Do to Better My Chances of Being Approved?

  • A heart attack is known as ‘a lifestyle disease’. For starters, to increase your chances of being approved, you can start with a healthy lifestyle. You can start eating healthily and exercise daily for a fit body.
  • Follow the doctor’s advice.
  • Lock in coverage for as long as possible once you are approved.

What if I have had multiple heart attacks?

If a person has suffered from a series of heart attacks, your condition and the intensity of heart attacks are taken into consideration. If an individual has had two minor heart attacks then the chances of receiving a life insurance are more in comparison to a person who suffered from one serious heart attack. You may not end up with the amount of coverage that you want, but companies like Aegon Life Insurance offers standard or regular term life insurance policies for people with this kind of health history such as the iTerm insurance plan which offers financial security of your family members along with a guaranteed amount in case of terminal illness and additional benefits in case of critical illness, accident or disability

What Kind of Rates Can I Expect?

Every person’s case is different depending on their condition and situation. Hence, it is impossible to mention the rate in general.  For Maria, a 47-year-old working woman who suffered a mild heart attack four years back has a possibility of getting life insurance. She is also a non-smoker and hence lives a healthy lifestyle now. For her, the rate will be comparatively lesser than Mr Ramesh’s who is 43-year-old and has suffered from two minor heart attacks in the past years.

 Hence, getting life insurance after suffering from a heart attack is possible. But it is important to understand your situation and options.

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