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How to make your children study on their own

Dec 31, 2017 | 3 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

How to make your children study on their own

Indian parents have a notorious tendency of over-indulging in their children’s lives. Whether its flat out doing their homework, or involving too much in their academic lives. while parental involvement is definitely necessary in any child’s life, getting tangled too much in their academics does more harm than good. As per a new study, kids who study independently and without the pressure to perform from kids, perform better.

As responsible parents, you should provide the necessary support that the child needs. Along with emotional support, parents should invest in good savings plans to safeguard their little one’s future. Beyond this, you should help your child become an independent learner, so they can succeed no matter the situations in life. Here is how you can begin:

  • Provide encouragement: let your child know that you believe in them. Provide encouragement for them so they can become confident in their abilities. If you’re constantly criticizing their performance, they will become anxious and nervous. Allow them to overcome challenges on their own, without completely abandoning them. They should know that when they really need help, they can always depend on you.
  • Include them in decisions: Most of the time, parents decide what their kids should do or not. Instead of making their decisions for them, make your kids a proactive part of the process. Ask them what they need. If they want some exam help, they should be able to tell you that without any apprehensions.
  • Positive reinforcements: while you get into the habit of offering encouraging words to your child, complement it with positive rewards. However, keep in mind, award the effort they put in their studies, not just the result. If you only put the focus on good grades, children will resort to unhealthy habits – like cheating – to get the rewards. When you see improvement in the performance, make sure they know it’s their work ethic and perseverance you’re praising.
  • Teach them to take initiative: You should try your best to create opportunities for your kids where they feel independent. Assign them age-appropriate chores from a young age, and let them do it on their own. Begin with small tasks, like making their own beds or picking their clothes. This creates a sense of responsibility in the kids, which helps them take important things seriously.

We all want to see our kids succeed. While stepping back from the frame can be hard, teaching your kids to self-study is crucial for their development.


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