How to Take Care of Your Spouse in Your Absence

Aug 04, 2015 | 4 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Marriage is an institution that brings two lives together. Couples in this day and age often consider each other as friends, a stark contrast from the age-old marital relationships, which were very polar and distant. While there was hardly any interaction among couples then, the situation has drastically changed over the years. Where at a time people got married without having seen each other, these days, men and women rightfully feel the need to spend time to get to know each other and understand their compatibility; this has made it possible for them to be open to each other about their views, perspectives, and opinions, rendering both men and women a sense of equality in the relationship.

The growing familiarity has also led to them being dependent on each other—physically, emotionally, and financially. Joint responsibility in all expenses and savings is nothing new compared to the situation in the past. With life being unpredictable, though, one can hardly know what could happen in the near future. With the security of having your spouse helping you in every single decision you make, the loss of a spouse can be more devastating than any other loss.

In case a couple shares household responsibilities equally, it can be jolting to find that one day you or your spouse would have to manage everything on their own with no one to rely on. Even if you are aware of a possibility of the impending doom, perhaps a chronic illness, you can never be truly prepared to see your loved ones leave them forever. After becoming habituated to the security and companionship your spouse provides, it would be nothing less than difficult to fall into a pattern of living without that companionship and security. To avoid a scenario such as this, it is important to secure the future of your spouse—at least as far as finance is concerned, so that he/she will never have to be dependent on others or be faced with a perplexing situation.


Here are a few things you need to do to be prepared for a situation such as this:

  1. Availing Life Insurance Policies: While applying for life insurance policies, keep your spouse as a nominee in case something untoward were to befall you. This can take a lot of burden off the shoulders of your spouse, in that she wouldn’t face any financial constraints in a traumatic situation of having lost the loved one.
  2. Document your will: It is always best to have your will documented to avoid later hassles. It would certainly avoid scenarios where the property that rightfully belongs to you would be withheld from you for not having proper documents or proof.
  3. Pay off all debts: Falling into debts can be a killjoy with the potential of the interest on the loan piling up. It is a never-ending cycle if all your earnings go into paying off the interest on the loan. It is thus important that you pay off all your debt as early as possible.

Being mindful and taking proactive steps for such situations will ensure the security of your spouse even in your absence.

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