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I think that I think too much!

May 18, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

There are two kinds of people in the world –  the fearless who, don’t worry about anything and, the fearful who, cannot help but worry about everything. Globally, a staggering 260 million people suffer from anxiety disorders which are known to cause several levels of social, motor and cognitive impairment.  Yes, a disorder requires medical help and not everybody may develop an anxiety disorder, nevertheless most of us do experience periods of excessive worry every now and then.

Below, we’ve listed situations, trivial and complex that stress you out on a daily basis and the effective ways to fight each:

  1. What to wear for work? – Save yourself from the morning frenzy of finding the perfect work outfit. Plan the night before, and if your clothes need to be ironed – do it immediately. Like they say, if something can be done in 5 minutes, get to it promptly!
  2. What to eat for breakfast? – Keep fruits handy if you get tired to cook every morning. Just as planning for clothes, you can slice watermelons the previous night and refrigerate them. Also, apples and bananas are easily accessible and have high nutritive value.
  3. What to order for lunch? – If you’re working and cannot pack home-made lunches, deciding what to eat every break hour can be very frustrating! A great way to make this a fun activity is to collaborate with colleagues and take turns to order for the entire group. It ensures you don’t have to deal with activity every day.
  4. Am I doing well in my career? – Worrying about one’s career map, skills or promotion is a common stress point in the lives of many. One can ease this by focusing on development of their skills and concentrating on doing day-to-day tasks efficiently. Preparing a mind map or setting personal goals will shift focus from over thinking to actionable steps towards achieving the desired career successes.
  5. Where is this relationship going? – Even the smallest fight or indifference from a partner can hurt and push an anxious partner in a relationship into panic mode. “Does she like me?”, “Are we compatible for marriage?”, such rhetoric concerns plague their mind. Couples that discuss their worries, however silly are the ones that continue to develop a positive self-image and relationship together. Talk it out, that’s the best way!
  6. What am I doing with my life – This niggling existential question makes its way to your brain every time you do not have a tangible problem to deal with. It can lead to lack of confidence in one’s choices, methods and goals. Ways to beat this are several and diverse for different people. Some prefer to make affirmations such as “I am living a very happy life” or “I am a self-reliant and contributing individual.” Reading or saying these statements will help you focus on the positive traits and distract you from the negative spool of thought. Remind yourself to live in the moment, not in the future or the past. When you’re in the present, it is easier for you to assess your resources and think of a way forward thereby reducing excessive worry.

Over thinking has terrible effects on the emotional and physical well-being of an individual. Studies have shown how stress can lead to hypertension, behaviour disorders, cardiac arrests and in some cases, even cancer. According to Dr. John Krystal, people with anxiety are most worried about the risk of a situation –experiencing the fear of the many what ifs. However, there is absolutely no risk when it comes to insuring yourself and your loved ones at the right time, and this stands true for both, the Fearless and Fearful. It’s surprising that most people easily indulge in impulsive online shopping but over think critically when it comes to purchasing necessary life insurance cover that safeguards their family’s financial future.

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