Life Insurance Affairs—No More a Men-Only World

Sep 29, 2017 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Life’s biggest security is having a back-up plan and knowing how to use it.

I have grown up in a modernizing Indian family where women oscillate between old ways of life and exercising authority. More precisely, I saw my mum struggling between ‘read the life insurance policy thoroughly and understand its terms’ to ‘sign these papers and it will be taken care of’. This left her only half-equipped to use the policy when the time came. The reason being, men in the family take the lead when it comes to matters like insurance and banking, while women take a back-seat knowing that she has a car but not prepared to drive it.

Life Insurance Affairs—No More a Men-Only World

One can’t learn how to drive a car by reading a book about it. The same rule applies for everything in life.

Going through a number of policies, comparing the price and the features, deciding one’s own need, and keeping up with the premium payments—the mechanics of buying and handling a life insurance can’t be understood by merely signing the papers.

Insurance-education is an important part of every woman’s grooming. If she is skilled to handle the routine budget of the family, she is ready for bigger financial decisions too. Moreover, mothers have a more prominent presence in most households. Their strong clutch on insurance will therefore advantage the whole family, moulding the kids right from the start.

It’s time that the ladies hop on to the driving seat. To start slow and steady a basic term insurance serves as a strong base policy, which can be upgraded with better understanding and changing needs.

An online term plan has made handling insurance policy a convenient process where renewals, upgradations and information about new features are available at the tap of a few clicks.

Furthermore, professional assistance can be availed 24X7 for any queries, via telephone or emails. The exclusive women care rider that provides protection against female specific conditions is an added provision to tailor-fit the cover.

Women, today, share a much deserved equal status with men. Why should this be limited to privileges alone? Give them their equal share of responsibilities too; hand over the car keys and let her take the handle.

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