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Life Insurance: A Thoughtful Gift for Mother’s Day in 2018

May 09, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Usually, on Mother’s Day, you buy her flowers, take her out to dinner or shower her with gifts. After all, she does so much for you and it’s only fitting that you make it a day to remember. While these are thoughtful, most may not last for more than a month. The best gift you can give your mother is peace of mind. This time around, celebrate the special day with a difference. Buy her life insurance that will keep her financially protected. Read on to know how life insurance can be a meaningful gift this Mother’s Day.

  1. Why life insurance

life insurance

Be it working moms or stay-at-home moms, their contribution to the family is immense. Losing them would cause incredible financial strain to their dependents. Working moms add to the income that enables their families to fulfill financial goals faster. Some moms are the sole providers for their family and their loss can have a financial impact on their loved ones.

Most juggle both roles and run their households smoothly. Even when it comes to a stay-at-home mom, the loss can translate into financial strain for the family. Stay-at-home moms look after children, the elderly and cook for them daily. Finding childcare, a cook or even housecleaning services can have a considerable financial impact on the family. A life insurance policy is an unconventional gift for your mother, but one that is practical and of immense value.

  1. It eases financial stress

financial stress

The loss of a mother, especially an earning parent can have an adverse, financial impact on children. Final expenses like medical bills and funeral costs can be hard to manage. Especially in a single-income household, covering day-to-day expenses can turn out to be difficult. Covering everyday expenses as well as home loan EMIs, car EMIs or even credit card bills can be hard for a single income household. Having life insurance covers some expenses and eases financial stress for the family.


  1. It gives her peace of mind

Life Insurance

In the absence of extra income in the family, expenses that are covered first are home and groceries. This can take precedence over funding a child’s education. Higher education can become a difficult goal to achieve. With a good life insurance, the family won’t need to compromise on children’s educational goals. The foremost thing on a mother’s mind is her children’s education. Why not give her the gift of peace of mind with a life insurance? There are numerous options for life insurance like ULIPs, and term plans. However, term insurance that offers lump sum or monthly payouts can be a good choice for Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for a term insurance plan to gift your mother on Mother’s Day, Aegon’s iTerm Plus plan will be the perfect gift to secure her finances from 36 critical illnesses.


Prevention and preparation can help keep families happy and secure their financial future. There’s nothing more that can keep a mom happy than the progress and security of her family. Gift your mother a life insurance policy this Mother’s Day; it would be the best gift she would have received in years.

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