Why Insurance Should Not Be A Choice, But A ‘Must-Have’!

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Life Insurance Policy

If you don’t have insurance…

  • Your family could face financial insecurity after your demise
  • They may struggle to pay off debts in your absence
  • It hard to plan for long-term goals
  • You may have to cut corners after retirement

Different kinds of life insurance products can help you to:

  • Look after loved ones

  Dependents get a lump-sum payout in case of an untimely death

  • Clear debts
    The corpus helps settle your outstanding loans and credit card debt

  • Give wings to your child’s dreams
    A child plan funds your child’s higher education or wedding

  • Plan for life goals
    Savings and investment-linked insurance help build capital for a business 
  • Prepare for retirement
    A retirement plan lets you maintain your lifestyle retirement
  • Reduce your income tax outgo
    Save income tax up to Rs. 1.5 lakh on premium via Section 80C

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