A look at how you can manage finances while studying and learning easy strategies to secure your future.

When you are a student, the transition from one university or college to another comes with a set of its own challenges. During this phase, managing your finances is one of the greater challenges. Whether it’s a student loan for management courses, tuition fees, or health, an additional expense in these areas can be worrisome, if it is not chalked out in advance. That’s why, it is important to learn key strategies when it comes to investing early on in your mid-20s. Our guide will help you plan your expenses in the long run.

Investing without a purpose is like driving without a destination, a waste of resources.

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Review your portfolio to reflect your life changes, reallocate underperforming assets and check for discrepancies.

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What children learn when they’re young, stays with them for life. Here are quick money management lessons to give them a right start.

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As if student life wasn't stressful enough, you now have a host of relatives and well-wishers inundating with financial planning advice on how to save your money after you get your first job.Read more


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