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How To Link Your Insurance Policies With Your Aadhaar?

Mar 25, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the Aadhaar card. The 12-digit card has increasingly become the all-important document for all things in our life. Be it from getting a gas connection to making financial transaction, Aadhaar has assumed the centrestage. No wonder, it has become necessary to link the biometric-dependent card to all insurance policies. But do you know how?

The online method

  • Visit the insurance company’s website
  • On the insurer’s home page, click on the ‘Link Aadhar’ or ‘Update Aadhar’ option
  • The next step is to enter the relevant details asked in the form. Your name, date of birth, mobile number, Aadhar number, PAN number, are but some of the details that you will need to key in.
  • Once you fill the form and submit it, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter this OTP to authenticate the linking
  • Once the OTP is verified, your linking process is complete. The insurance company will then send a confirmation within 10 days’ time.

The offline method

  • Get an Aadhar linking form from the insurance company’s branch office.
  • Fill the form, attach self-attested copies of your Aadhar and PAN card and submit it with the insurance company.
  • You will get a confirmation within a week or two of submitting the form.

Points to note when linking your Aadhar

Though linking your Aadhar card with your life insurance policies is an easy process, there are some important points you should remember:

  • Your mobile number should be registered with your Aadhar card. The OTP is sent only to your registered mobile number. If you have changed numbers or have not registered your mobile number, get it registered before linking it with your insurance policy.
  • If you have an e-insurance account, you can link your Aadhar directly with all your insurance policies.
  • PAN card is necessary for Aadhar linking. If you don’t have one, fill Form 60 to receive your Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • All new policies provide linking facilities at the proposal stage itself. So, if you are buying a new policy, you don’t have to link it separately.

Don’t forget

Aadhar linking has been made mandatory for all your financial accounts and transactions. You have time till 31st March, 2018, to complete the linking process.

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