Why is National Technology Day Is So Important for Every Indian?

May 11, 2018 | 11 months ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

National Technology Day

Technology in India has evolved immensely over the years. After independence, there had been many advancements in the fields of space and atomic energy but more recently, we have expanded our capacities in communications technology, biotechnology and IT.

This changed everybody’s perceptions about our nation and helped its economy. Last year alone, India had succeeded in the launch of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System and started preparing for the launch of Chandrayaan 2. Due to this, the government of India, on the advice of the prime minister declared the 11th of May as the National Technology Day.

Several industries and services have been brought to the forefront and have become far more accessible than before because of the numerous technological advancements. The internet has made the country a smaller place. Right from communication to financial services such as investment tools and insurance policies, things are infinitely more accessible than they were earlier, thanks to technology. Aegon Life’s online life insurance policies, for example, iTerm, iTerm Plus, iReturn, iInvest, and iMaximize enable access to secure your loved ones’ finances for future, and can be bought online from the comfort of your home.

All this was possible, thanks to the advancement in technology, and the digital age we live in. So, if you are wondering how technology has helped shape our lives? Or why national technology day is important in India, here’s a lowdown on things you need to know about India’s Tech Day:

Why Had This Day Been Chosen Though?

The reason for the selection of this date was threefold:

The first reason was that on 11th May 1998, India successfully carried out nuclear tests at Pokhran, Rajasthan. Two days later, two more nuclear bombs were tested at the same place. The name of the operation was ‘operation Shakti’ and it gave India the opportunity to declare itself as a “full-fledged nuclear state”. It was the sixth country to join the club.

On the same day, another significant event took place in Bangalore that contributed to India’s history in technology. It was the successful test-run of India’s first indigenous aircraft called Hansa-3. It was a two-seater aviation plane meant for pilot training, surveillance, sports, environment-related projects and Ariel photography.

The final reason was the test firing of India’s short-range missile called ‘Trishul’. The missile was developed by the Defence Research and Development organization as a part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program.  And, the firing was also successful.

How Is This Day Celebrated?                                                                        

Every year on 11th May, the Technology Development Board of India gives laurels to people who have contributed to indigenous technology to express their gratitude for the developments.

Felicitating people for their talent and hard work motivates many more to enter the fields of science and technology as this avenue holds much promise for the curious and creative minds and will enhance the development progress and bring positive changes in the country.

Various schools and institutes are encouraged to participate in celebrating this day by holding science events and quizzes. The students learn various things through this and it helps them widen their spectrum of scientific knowledge and spark curiosity. It also helps to make them realize that they too can contribute to bringing out a positive change in the country’s development.

Not many are aware of this day, as Indians, we should fondly remember May 11 as national technology day and be proud of the rapid progress. It is a day of national importance that reminds us of all the achievements we’ve had so far and sows the seeds for future advancements.

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