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Why we need more women in leadership positions?

Apr 30, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Earlier in February 2018, women across the world shared a moment of pride. The Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi was appointed as the first independent female director on the International Cricket Council Board. Considered one of the most influential women across the world, Indra Nooyi is just one of the few who holds a leadership position in the corporate world.

Numbers speak

In India, women held 16.0% of senior leadership roles in 2016. In 2015, women held 11.2% of board seats in India and 12% across the world. Another report points out that women’s participation in labour force fell to 26.7% in 2014 from 34.8% in 1990.

Why more women leaders are needed?

To mentor and motivate other women

Seeing a woman lead by example can surely inspire others in the workforce.  They need colleagues to look up to and guide them through their career paths. At some point or the other, women need a senior contemporary who they can speak to and share their views on personal and work life. For instance, at work, a female boss can fight for workplace issues faced by women such as maternity leave, sexual harassment, and more. Her own experience may be useful to chart out a work-life balance schedule.

Multi-tasking comes naturally to them

Today’s dynamic work environment requires leaders to handle various activities. It involves planning, organizing, managing and controlling all at once. Hence, workplaces need leaders who can take care of daily operations and emergencies efficiently. Historically, on the domestic front, women have seamlessly performed multiple roles and tasks. With such experience and inherent skillsets, multi-tasking at work comes only naturally to women.

Building relationships is a part of their DNA

They know what empathy is and understand the value of relationships. These are fundamental pillars for building successful teams. When employees know they are being valued, they work with complete dedication. Women are capable of maintaining good relations and caring for their teams while simultaneously working towards achieving a common goal. Having women leaders will ensure that the workforce is happy with the support of good relations.

They are excellent communicators, networkers and brilliant at analysis

Leadership roles require communicating internally and externally with all stakeholders. Effective communication is vital for carrying out business transactions and negotiations. Networking is yet another important function that business leaders use to build resources. Meeting new and key people within the industry serves fruitful for the smooth functioning of any business. Both these activities are a great source of gaining intelligent information. Women are known to be good communicators and negotiators. They can build a strong network of associates, which can come in handy for companies.

Education lays the foundation

There are some characteristics of being a leader that women have naturally, but education fills the gap by providing relevant knowledge and creating holistic individuals. It opens up new avenues and gives an opportunity to explore their talent and passion. Education builds a strong foundation to enhance their skill sets and achieve their dreams. Women empowerment has never been more relevant than it is today, and the first step towards achieving 100% gender equality is education.

Make your daughter future-ready

Cost of education continues to rise every year. Hence, only monthly savings may not be sufficient in the long run to meet your daughter’s educational requirements. In the process of ensuring that your daughter shines bright in her career, funds should not be a deterrent. This can be made possible by planning in advance and opting for a child education plan. Charting a financial plan at the right time is important to take care of your princess’ higher education, fees, and other expenses. While doing so, you need to consider your daughter’s needs even in your absence. The returns should suffice until she is responsible enough. Hence, choose child education plans that match your objective and invest at the right time.

The bottom-line

Women have come a long way. As parents, it is your responsibility to develop your daughter’s skillsets and make her into a force to reckon with. Encourage her to achieve her dreams as you provide her financial support with the right investment plan

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