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New Year’s Resolutions that reduce your Insurance Costs

Dec 31, 2015 | 5 years ago | Read Time: 2 minutes | By iKnowledge Team


It is that time of the year again, when there is pressure on us to make a “new year’s resolution”, and we come up with all sorts of tall promises at midnight, which barely make it past the first week of January. While most of the folks out there may be tired of hearing about New Year’s resolutions every December, they are in fact quite relevant to us. That is right, even the ancients saw the wisdom in celebrating new years with the great life-affirming resolutions that we are, at times, pressured into making. The Babylonians were doing it 4,000 years ago (although they celebrated new years in spring), and Julius Caesar realized the importance when he shifted the date to 1st January named after Janus, incidentally, the god of ‘new beginnings’.

But what does any of this have to do with your insurance premiums!? Simple. If you make resolutions to stay healthier or cut down on unhealthy habits, then you have a greater chance of paying lower premiums on your policy. Your resolution could be anything such as:

  1. Quitting smoking

This is an obvious one. Every smoker aims to quit, but finds it difficult. If you plan to go cold-turkey, it might be a good idea to take some time off from work, as being in a stressful situation, could make you relapse soon.

  1. Quitting alcohol

Unfortunately, a majority of people out there deny the negative effects of drinking regularly, and some even go to the extreme of glorifying it. Although an occasional glass of red wine (mind you, only red, not white) has been proven to be quite beneficial, consumption of alcohol as a whole is extremely detrimental to your health, and increases your Insurance premiums.

  1. Joining the Gym/eating healthier

Being in good physical condition can help you with your Insurance health tests. Basic measures like regular exercise and a healthy diet, can go a long way in ensuring you overall health, which reflects in your medical tests.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard we try, some diseases such as cancer find a way to infest even the healthiest people out there. For this, Aegon Life has come up with its iCancer plan. This is a unique plan that offers you protection at every stage, whether it is Minor, Major, or Critical, all adding up to 150% of your sum insured!

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iTerm Plan

Life Insurance Plan with 3 Options to Choose from

  • Life Protect (Life cover till age 100 years)
  • Protect Plus (5% Automatic Increase of life cover)
  • Dual Protect (Protection + Regular Income)
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  • Life Plan
  • Life Plus Plan
  • Life & Health Plan (10 Critical Illnesses covered)
  • Life & Health Plus Plan (36 Critical Illnesses covered)
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  • Boost Your Fund Value
  • Withdraw Your Investment
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