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Wondering How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Holiday? We Have Got You Covered

Jul 06, 2018 | 2 years ago | Read Time: 3 minutes | By iKnowledge Team

Travelling is undoubtedly one of the best ways to unwind from the bustling city life. Travel offers an array of beautiful things which can be cherished forever. However, it can be an expensive affair especially if you are planning a trip abroad. Don’t bury your travel dreams due to exorbitant cost but work on making it more economical. Here are some tips while planning your next trip while keeping the ‘value for money’ factor in mind. Use this guide to plan your next affordable vacations:

Plan Your Trips During Off-Season

Every destination has a peak season like Christmas in London where the prices from air tickets to accommodation soar up. The best way to slash the cost is to plan a trip during off-season. How? A simple research will help you find out the information that will save your money. Another simple trick is to travel to destinations where the value of your currency is higher such as Bhutan, Paraguay, etc. where you can live luxuriously while spending lesser as compared to a trip to the US, UK or Canada.

Always Plan in Advance

Planning in advance always has its benefits and the same goes for travel. While selecting a destination, do a complete research about the visa costs, ticket prices, accommodations, places to visit, etc. in advance. There is no ideal time to plan your travel journeys, but 3-4 months in advance or even before that for long trips work well to plan a budget trip.

Check for Affordable Staying Options

Hotels are no longer the only way of staying comfortable. You now have several apps which offer affordable and comfortable stay options. If you are travelling alone, check in at hostels or try homestays to save some money and get an insight of the local culture.

Check for Discounts

‘Free’ and ‘Discount’ are two words make pocket-friendly holiday planning better. While planning the itinerary, check out for famous monuments that can be explored for free or at a minimal cost. Also, check for top deals on amusement park tickets and other popular places. Another trick is that you can explore one famous amusement park instead of visiting numerous places. This will save cost and keep your heart content.

Choose a Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance?! Yes, we often ignore this crucial point because we need to shell out some more money. However, buying a travel insurance has numerous benefits from securing the insurer during medical emergencies to providing immediate help in case of theft or misplacement of luggage, etc. The best part, it allows you to enjoy every moment in a whole new land without the constant fear of these obstacles.

Create a Vacation Fund

Even for a budget-friendly vacation, you need to save money. And if you are planning to visit an exotic destination or go on a world tour with your loved ones, someday, you will require a lump sum amount. This amount can be generated with the help of a Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP).  With iMaximize from Aegon Life, you can invest in your travel dreams and make them a reality. This online Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) offers a blend of protection and market linked returns. The partial withdrawal feature allows you to withdraw a specific amount to fund your holiday plans. You can start investing with a minimal amount of Rs 2000/- a month.

The Bottom-Line

When you are creating a to-do list for your much-awaited, pocket-friendly vacation, remember to make insurance your priority, so your vacation becomes a memorable one. Create a wealth plan and tick off a destination from your travel bucket list, and enjoy those holidays!

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